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Political, cultural, and occasionally religious commentary from a conservative Jewish (not an oxymoron) physician who has traveled around the world, loves Buddhism, bagels, and baseball, eats sushi, does yoga every morning, keeps a Jewish home, and reads National Review.

A former "lefty" from the Bronx, he also believes fervently in American "exceptionalism" and that the formation of the United States more than two hundred years ago was an act of providence; he sees America as the early Puritans did, as the “New Jerusalem” or (from Ronald Reagan) “the shining city on the hill”; he holds further that America is the most enduring symbol of human freedom and democracy on earth, a beacon and source of inspiration for nations and oppressed peoples everywhere; that the US and its military is the greatest liberating force in the history of mankind; and that our country and its traditions and values, those same qualities that have made us the envy of the world, are under attack from without, and, even more perniciously, from within - by a toxic and insidious cocktail of secularism, multiculturalism, moral relativism, political correctness, and anti-Americanism. 

Dr. Moss resolves that it is the duty of all who cherish American civilization - its grand achievements, its dazzling economy, its wealth and power, its technological prowess, its liberal democratic capitalism, its unprecedented opportunities and standard of living, its diversity and religious tolerance, its rule of law, its consensual governance, its human rights and political freedoms, its Enlightenment values, its Judeo-Christian heritage, its Constitution, its bedrock affirmation of the God-given sanctity of the individual as proclaimed in its founding document, the Declaration of Independence - to defend this noble and glorious American enterprise from its detractors and adversaries (within and without) with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their being - for without it we – and the world - are surely lost.

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