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  • The Father of Modern Terrorism

    Posted: December 24, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    The political season is already underway, after a brief post election hiatus, and end of year reflections on the passing year very much in order. One event stands out as worthy of consideration, for contained within it are the elements of the current cris
  • Post Election Blues

    Posted: November 15, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    In the aftermath of George W. Bush's election victory, much has already been said of the mechanism of his success and the demographics. He drew, of course, from a variety of wellsprings, adhering to a conservative message that succeeded in moving the nati
  • Kerry vs. Kerry

    Posted: October 13, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    The human imagination is an amazing thing to behold, unique in its powers to transform and re-create. And history will provide few better examples of this than that of the current fevered efforts of Presidential hopeful, John F. Kerry, to wholly revamp hi
  • God in the Details

    Posted: October 10, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    If a person drives around town in late November and early December, he will be in-undated with the sights of Christmas. Decorations are as common as chilly temperatures. Trees covered in tinsel with presents underneath can be found in nearly every home.
  • A little bit of Israel in Jasper

    Posted: October 10, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    Last week, Dr. Richard Moss of Jasper very eloquently explained some of the holiday traditions of his Jewish faith to Ferdinand News readers.
  • Zell Miller - a Different Democrat

    Posted: September 15, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    On the third day of the Republican National Convention, Zell Miller, the Georgia Senator and lifelong Democrat, gave the keynote address. The speech was riveting, a blistering repeal of John Kerry and the modern Democratic Party.
  • Beyond Manhatten

    Posted: August 24, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    There was the expected excitement of a trip to New York. It had been more than a year since the last visit and the kids (Arielle and Noah, ages 11 and 9) were eager. I had promised to take them to see the Yankees (their father's favorite team - and, coi
  • Reagan, Bush II, and the Value of Freedom

    Posted: June 24, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    With the weeklong remembrance of the life and times of our 40th President sadly completed, one's thoughts converge on any number of ironies, but one in particular - that being the eerily similar revulsion by elites here and abroad toward Ronald Wilson Rea
  • The Prison Abuse "Scandal"

    Posted: June 10, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    We have heard much of the prison scandal in Iraq of late but little of the other scandal, which is to say the scandal of our elected officials, the media, Europe, and the Arab world. Ponder, if only briefly, the spectacle of our leaders, our senators and
  • Health Care in Myanmar (Burma)

    Posted: May 6, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    During my trip to Myanmar (Burma), I spent a week with the Otolaryngology Department at ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Hospital, in Yangon (Rangoon). When I worked in Asia (in Thailand, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh) from 1987-2000, I had tried to visit Myanmar
  • Journey to Southeast Asia

    Posted: May 5, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 2
    The flight in to Bangkok was as expected - long and grueling: the reason I hadn't returned in more than 13 years, although I have wanted to since I had left. I have always loved Southeast Asia and it was good to be back in Thailand, where I had lived an
  • Adopting Burma

    Posted: April 14, 2004 Author: Dr. Moss Comments: 0
    Otolaryngologist Dr. Richard Moss' love affair with Asia began when he read the novel Shogun as a student. A three-month rotation in Japan during medical school only served to further whet his appetite for an understanding of Eastern culture.
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