Post Election Blues


In the aftermath of George W. Bush's election victory, much has already been said of the mechanism of his success and the demographics. He drew, of course, from a variety of wellsprings, adhering to a conservative message that succeeded in moving the nation out of a political dead heat, and giving his Party a narrow but convincing majority. While it is interesting to examine the various sources of President Bush's support and the make up of the broad coalition that now forms the Republican base, it is even more enlightening to survey the long list of his detractors, the patchwork quilt of discontent that coalesced around his Democratic opponent, the deeply flawed but gracious in defeat, John Kerry.

Whom, we might ask, may we count amongst the mournful, torn by angst and despair over the bitter headlines? The Democrats and their many allies come first to mind, but this answer is complex, for the Democrats are far from a uniform entity. They are, rather, a motley cluster of interest groups often at odds and incompatible with one another. Still, a few general words are in order. On the great issue of the day, the War on Terror (more accurately termed the War on Islamic Jihadism), the rhetoric and attitudes of the Democrats was less than admirable. They disparaged the President, insulted our coalition allies, and were gleeful over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal (they said nothing about the UN Oil for Food debauchery). They were harshly critical of their own government, but silent towards France, Germany, and Russia, who thwarted our efforts to preserve financial links with Saddam Hussein. About President Bush's achievements, his scattering of al Qaeda, routing the Taliban, jailing Hussein, and liberating 50 million Muslims, they were mute. Their efforts succeeded in weakening American resolve, demoralizing our troops, and emboldening the enemy. Such self-serving tactics did not go unnoticed by the American people.

The mainstream media received a vicious body blow. Their bias towards the Democrats was never in question, only this year it was even more flagrant. Rathergate, and the forged documents regarding Bush's National Guard service, was the embarrassment it should have been to CBS. The NY Times timed release of the missing explosives in Iraq a week before the election (the "October Surprise") did nothing to alter the outcome, much to their chagrin. The "Old Media" as they are now affectionately known, partisan Democrats all, can no longer control the agenda and determine elections. One can sympathize with their misery as one would with any monopoly suddenly out of power.

Many atheist activists are probably depressed. The Federal judges in California, who voted to take "God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, are likely among them. The Federal judges in Massachusetts, who imposed Gay Marriage on their state by judicial fiat, the Mayor of San Francisco, and their activist allies, must also be downtrodden. It was their actions as much as any that galvanized the nation (the vast "Red Sea" of the heartland) against their preferred candidate. Alas, trial attorneys are displeased, for their money fuels the Democratic Party. They and the nation can look forward to tort and malpractice reform that will shrink the wide realm in which they roam. Hollywood and assorted Rock Stars (ah, Bruce, I always liked your music, but it is over), must too find themselves fretting for their glaring ineptitude in swaying voters. The Red Sea decided they preferred traditional values to those of Hollywood. Michael Moore is probably pouting, still convinced, mind you, that Bush was behind 9/11 (oil, Halliburton, and all that). George Soros and other billionaire socialists, and their radical 527's, have already disbanded and are checking into monasteries or else emigrating to Canada. The Boston Red Sox, too, may be experiencing twinges of despair, with the notable exception of Curt Shilling. Planned Parenthood and advocates of partial birth abortion are demoralized, as are Sharpton/Jackson, the NAACP, and other ethnic grievance mongers.

It is on the International scene, however, where we may uncover the greatest repositories of wretchedness. In the corridors of the UN, the primping diplomats that drive that body must be wringing their hands, for President Bush exposed their incompetence, hypocrisy, and duplicity. Then, there is Jacque Chirac and his allies in Europe, who prefer appeasement and surrender to defending Western Civilization. They are unhappy, as are, of course, the Arab potentates who ring the Arab world and ply their petty despotisms on the backs of their citizens. Lastly, are the terrorists themselves, the Islamist fanatics (and rogue states that support them), who must be miffed. This includes Yassir Arafat (close to death), his minions, and other Palestinian murderers (Islamic Jihad, Hamas). It includes al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Baathists and assorted terrorists fighting in Iraq and around the world.

It is heartening, sometimes, to see who one's opponents are.


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