Dr. Richard Moss - Complete Biography

Conservatism, Israel and the US

After my roughly three year flirtation with the Left that ended at age 18, I began the slow but irresistible drift toward conservatism. The formal conversion, however, did not happen overnight. In 1976, I still found myself pulling the lever for Carter. But by 1980, I began to feel strange pangs of guilt and anxiety, almost like a “coming out” experience, I guess, as I nervously recognized that I sort of liked this Reagan guy and what he stood for. This, I could admit to no one at the time, even as I could no longer deny it to myself.



My respect for Reagan only grew with the passage of his successful two terms. Still I knew nothing of the intellectual underpinnings of conservatism. That all changed after receiving my first copy of National Review in 1992, which I hungrily devoured. I have been a faithful subscriber since. To that, I would add regular subscriptions to the Jerusalem Post and Commentary and of course listening daily to Rush.


Thus, I could now begin to put into words what I felt instinctually – that the principles of conservatism, of limited government, low taxes, a strong defense, and traditional values, represented the only governing philosophy that would enable the US to remain what it was – the last, best hope of mankind (to paraphrase Reagan).


A vigorous, prosperous, and powerful US was needed to defend Western Civilization against our enemies, whether it be Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or the Islamofascists today. Continued US support for a strong Israel was also required to maintain her as a frontline bulwark of democracy and Western values in the Middle East – and as a bastion of Jewish life, culture, and civilization.



To Blog or not to Blog

Well, then, you may ask, isn’t it superfluous to add yet another conservative voice (or blog) to the burgeoning multitude that already man the barricades in defense of its splendid precepts – the one governing philosophy that assures freedom, prosperity, and success for those submitting to its edicts?

Allow me to state my case:

  • First, there is always room for another conservative Jew.
  • And I (patiently) await the day when that phrase - conservative Jew - is not an oxymoron.



Yes, there are many established conservative Jewish voices well known to followers of the cause, but far more otherwise noteworthy and intelligent Jews still cleave to the pernicious faith of secular liberalism.

On top of which, there are very few conservative Jewish physicians in private practice, amidst real people with real (and imagined) agonies, which alone may make it worth the price of admission.




Perhaps, then, it might be useful hearing from a conservative Jewish surgeon (and former leftie), of humble origins, born and raised in the Bronx but now living in rural Indiana (flyover country, the heartland, “Red State” America), doing “real world” things (self-employed in private practice, raising kids), who worked overseas as a volunteer physician including in Muslim nations, has a Thai wife, loves the Yankees, eats vegetarian, does yoga, reads novels, writes poetry, watches foreign flicks, likes sushi, red wine, communing with nature, not to mention bagels and Buddhism, and all sorts of other multicultural, lefty-like pastimes, yet views with disdain multiculturalism, moral relativism, political correctness, the liberal media, the UN, Europe, and left wing professors; who sees liberal secular progressivism

as a corrosive, debilitating dogma eating away at the heart of Western Civilization (Europe is already on its deathbed), who views it as a creed that weakens our resolve and impairs our will, that is uncomfortable with American power, hostile towards our military, guilt ridden over past American “sins,” perceives the US as a sinister, racist, and imperialistic force and is philosophically and morally incapable of responding to threats or defending the nation: a political and cultural ideology, in other words, that would assure our decline and, perhaps, actively seek it.




So, I will toss my two cents in with the growing chorus that argues on behalf of Western Civilization, Capitalism, the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Enlightenment, of faith and reason, the US and Israel, conservative principles, and waging an aggressive war against Islamic Jihadism - while keeping a watchful eye on Russia, China, North Korea and other threats as they emerge.



Another point: a private practice filled with people of all ages including lots of kids and their parent/caregivers, is a marvelous window on the status of American society and the American family – the picture, I’m afraid, is not pretty – in fact, quite saddening.


From time to time, I may write something relevant to medicine or malpractice or pharmaceutical companies - or perhaps a slice of poetry, a chapter from a book, a travel piece or something on religion, particularly Judaism – not to mention observations from the frontlines of private practice. For the most part, though, it will be the red meat of national and international politics and culture.


Have a look.