Against the New Sodom and Gomorrah


The entire month, each June, is a low point for the country.  The unrestrained debauchery, the flaunting of pathologic deviancy, the celebration of perversion - does it get any worse than “Pride Month?”  Our ruling elites in all sectors are positively swept away by it, consumed as they are with promoting it – and virtue signaling their fealty to it.  It has become our most important holiday season.  

Compare it with other notable celebrations.  Consider Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.  Mothers give birth to us, nurse, and raise us.  Fathers take care of us, protect and provide for us.  Moms and Dads are responsible for creating new life, preparing the next generation, and transmitting the values and wisdom of our culture and civilization.  They perpetuate the species.  Without them life would cease.  Moms endure the pain of pregnancy, labor and delivery.  Dads risk their lives and endure much hardship to ensure our survival.  But that, of course, is as nothing compared with the contributions of the LGBTQIA++ community.  That’s why mothers and fathers get a single day.  Homosexuals and transgenders get a month.  

Consider the men who lost their lives in military service defending the nation?  They get a single day, Memorial Day.  Veterans also get a day, Veterans’ Day.  Our country?  We get Independence Day, the Fourth of July, celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our nation.  But just a day.  How about the birth of Jesus, the founder of Christianity, and, for Christians – God incarnate?  Sorry, just a day.  But the LGBT “community” – well, they get a month.  Nothing, after all, is more sacred than the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community.  Forget about Christianity or the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The Rainbow is our new religion.  We shall know a nation by its celebrations.  And ours is truly satanic.  

Major corporations promote the LGBT agenda: Target, Anheuser-Busch, the LA Dodgers (and all of Major League Baseball, for that matter), PepsiCo, Starbucks, GM, Walmart, Pfizer, Apple, Disney, BMW, and so on.  Our schools and colleges, the media, banks, major equity firms, Big Tech, and our government at all levels collude in celebrating Pride Month while often denigrating traditional Christian culture and values.  We are in the midst of a late-stage cultural collapse, a once great nation in moral free-fall. It is Sodom and Gomorrah – only worse.  

Pride month is the epicenter of the cult-Marxist soul.  It is the beating heart of the Left.  Its obscenity and debauchery are precisely the point.  Its purpose is to offend, upend, reject, smash, and destroy all icons and symbols, all conceptions of morality, tradition, wisdom, objective reality, and biology. It seeks to put an end to “norms” in general.  To degrade our institutions, which they perceive as corrupt, a “social construct,” and part of the “power structure” - or take them over, which they have largely succeeded in doing.  Most important, they seek to undermine the nuclear family and the recognition of the sexually dimorphic, “binary,” nature of humanity – of man and woman (in the Bible that would be Adam and Eve).  

Watch the politicians, government at all levels, stars, starlets, those transitioning and those already transitioned, bureaucracies, and corporations prostrate themselves before the new gods and celebrate sodomy and the Rainbow Jihad.   Next, they seek to normalize pedophilia.   Have you heard the acronym, “MAP,” for Minor Attracted Persons?  Or, their rallying cry, “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re coming for your children,” proudly proclaimed at parades.  I believe them.  You should too.  

Remember that pride is the deadliest of the seven deadly sins, the sin that conquered Lucifer (Satan) himself.  It is the mother of all vices. Pride cometh before the fall.  Hubris (pride) is followed by Nemesis (downfall).  It is fitting that the Left and LGBT activists should embrace “pride,” dedicating a month to it, feeling, as they seem to, that they may redefine nature and reality, as if they themselves were as “Gods.”  Pride, indeed.  

Ultimately, they are setting the stage for a final push to destroy all “norms” and “normalcy.”  And create new ones based on the new deviancy.  And then to control us and to determine what we hear – and think.  It is, ultimately, a prelude for totalitarianism – yes, including the death camps. They are building up to it, consolidating power, dehumanizing and indicting us, the “normies,” as they did the unvaxxed during Covid, jailing us, condemning us in their state media, establishing two standards of justice, controlling the levers of power, commandeering and weaponizing our institutions including the government and the deep state, and then the final surge and takeover with the cattle cars, gulags… and death camps. They loathe and despise the 50% that, in turn, reject them and their agenda - patriots that work hard, take care of their families, go to church, and love God and America.  

Do our enemies celebrate pride month?  Do China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, or North Korea worship the Rainbow?  Do the Arab and Muslim world?  I don’t think so.  Rather they observe in wonderment our depravity, the self-inflicted wounds, and the willful crack up of the most powerful nation in the world – as they plot to take advantage of our pathetic weakness and decadence.  

Pride month must be broken – and replaced or countered by God Month, Faith Month or Prayer Month – take your pick - but a month dedicated to prayer, faith, and good works – and the reverential celebration of our biblical tradition.  Pressure campaigns against “Pride” should also be undertaken (see Budweiser, Target, Disney, and so on).  The following month, the month of July, we should celebrate Independence Month or, perhaps, Liberty Month, to commemorate the founding, the founding fathers, the signing of the Declaration of Independence – and the greatness of American history and its accomplishments - absent the usual apologies.  

We must preserve this nation, its traditions, and way of life, for our sake and the sake of the world.  Each of us must do what he can to salvage some remnant of the founding – athwart the demonic forces arrayed against it.  


Richard Moss, M.D., a board-certified surgeon, was a candidate for Congress in 2016 and 2018. He has written “A Surgeon’s Odyssey” and “Matilda’s Triumph,” available on  Contact him at or Richard Moss, M.D. on Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, Parler, Gab, Gettr, and Instagram.





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