America in Crisis: A Red State Manifesto to Defend the Nation - And Our Rights


As the Left grows ever more aggressive and imperious, the Republican Party at the federal level remains as feckless as ever.  It will fall to red states, therefore, to push back against the emerging socialist tyranny.  The absurd hair on fire roll-out of leftist outrage regarding the modest election integrity law passed recently in Georgia is the latest example of leftist ascendancy and dominance over the nation and our institutions.  Not only does the Left control the media, academia, Hollywood, professional sports, and Big Tech, but add to the list Wall Street and corporate America, all of whom now worship at the church of “wokeness.”  As dysfunctional and corrupt as they may be, it is the Left that governs our nation and culture.  

This comes alongside the Covid fascism that has paralyzed the nation, destroyed jobs and the economy, and attacked basic rights and civil liberties. They robbed us of the right to walk and breathe without physical encumbrances such as a mask, send our children to school, maintain our businesses and jobs, or attend church: all of it, mind you, for a lie, for none of the Covid measures have had any impact on the trajectory of the virus.  

Covid, indeed, gave the Left the excuse it needed to clamp down on a passive people that has forgotten its legacy of liberty and independence. 

There are, however, 30 states where republicans control both houses of the legislature, or 60% of the states, some overwhelmingly so.  Twenty-three of those states enjoy the trifecta that includes the governors.  Given the failure of the Republican party nationally, it falls to these solidly red states to defend the rule of law, our constitutional system, and our pre-political God-given, inalienable rights.  

Herewith, a list of measures that red states should undertake to reclaim lost ground against the growing power of the Left, Covid-fascism, and useless RINOs that we may preserve the nation, or some part of it, and our way of life.

I would propose the following: 

1. State legislatures shall call themselves into session at will, particularly when confronted with a tyrannical governor.  Many state legislatures are part time, which befits the principle of limited government, something conservatives would generally approve of.  In the context of unrelenting Covid-fascism, including in red states by Republican governors, and encroachments by the federal government, it is paramount that this be amended. 

2. The state shall limit executive orders for emergency powers by governors to a single event and for not more than ten days.  Extensions or further such orders shall require legislative approval.

3. The state shall declare and uphold the right of its citizens to freely assemble, worship (including in churches and homes), engage in free speech, to walk and breathe freely without encumbrance such as the wearing of masks, and to buy and sell and otherwise engage in commerce.

4.  The state shall limit school closures to ten days.  Further extensions shall require legislative approval.

5.  The state shall end all mask mandates.  It shall declare vaccination passports illegal including when imposed by corporations or other entities.  When the state ends mask mandates, it shall render illegal for individual counties, cities, and towns to continue such mandates or pass their own mandates.

6.  The state shall abolish all sweeping, universal powers of health departments at the state and county level.  It shall be illegal for state or county health departments and directors to issue sweeping or universal mandates, force schools or businesses to close, or require the wearing of masks or other physical encumbrances, or impose quarantines.  They may provide immunizations, public education, and guidelines, but shall have no authority to issue mandates, impose quarantines, or force universal closures of schools, businesses, houses of worship, including churches, temples, or homes, any private or public enterprise, or any category of business such as restaurants, bars, salons, movie theaters, gyms, or other.  They shall have no authority to ban gatherings at social, cultural, religious, or sporting events, or to force schools, housed of worship, or other gathering places to close or impose mask or other mandates.  Health departments may carry out standard inspections of restaurants and other facilities as prescribed by law, and target a specific business entity if negligent based on established protocols, but no authority beyond that. Health directors are not mini-dictators. They are paid employees of the county and state, serve at the pleasure of the public and its elected representatives, and readily terminated at the discretion of the state and county and their elected officers.  

7.  The state shall scrutinize all federal executive orders and laws.  Any or some of them deemed unlawful and unconstitutional shall be nullified and declared null and void.

8.  The state shall declare itself a sanctuary state for the Constitution, particularly the 1st and 2nd amendments, but its entirety. The citizens of the state and its government embrace freedom of assembly, worship, speech, and the press, freedom to petition the government, and to buy and sell, freedom from executive orders and sweeping mandates, including: mask mandates, vaccination passports, quarantines, and school and business closures, and general shutdowns.  The state shall defend the right to bear arms, and freedom from unwarranted search and seizure.

9.  The state shall refuse all so called “asylum” or “refugee” cases, shall refuse all such resettlement efforts in the state, as virtually none of so-called “refugees” are refugees by any definition but rather economic migrants that entered the nation illegally.  They, rather, abuse the refugee/asylum system, as do many so-called charity/religious based organizations, law firms, and open-borders or other politicized advocacy groups.  Refugee/asylum is intended for truly persecuted minorities, not those laboring under generalized poverty or crime in a particular country or area, which affects much of the world.  They are not refugees and should not be accorded refugee status or resettled here. 

10.  The state shall refuse the resettlement of illegal aliens, in general, to support or educate them in anyway, provide health care, other than emergency interventions, whether they declare themselves refugees or not.  The state may send them to blue Democrat states that covet them, if there is a shared border.  Red states on our southern border shall send such individuals back into Mexico.  Given the lawless behavior of the federal government in failing to enforce federal immigration law, defend our sovereignty, secure our border, and protect Americans, the individual states shall themselves enforce the law and protect their borders, territory, and citizens.  

11. The state shall end the teaching of racist theories including critical race theory and the “1619 Project,” which is a baseless, ahistorical, and polemical attack on the nation and its history, deliberately demeaning of the founding of the nation and its founding principles, and rejected as partisan, militant, and inaccurate by respected historians and intellectuals on both sides of the political spectrum, and other anti-American propaganda, in any publicly funded schools, universities, or colleges. 

12. The state shall defund schools and universities, and school and college boards that indoctrinate students in leftist/Marxist/critical theories, race or otherwise, encourage hatred of a particular race, and hatred of America, the American founding, and our founding principles. The state encourages and actively supports schools, colleges, faculty, educational boards, curriculum advisors, superintendents and educational departments to educate, foster, and cultivate patriotism, assimilation, nationalism, love of country, loyalty to America and the glories of the founders, the founding, and our founding principles.

13. The state shall treat each citizen as an individual, equal before the law, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin.  There shall be no consideration of race, color, creed, or national origin in matters of law enforcement, criminal or civil justice, government benefits, admissions, hiring, contracts, or set asides.  There shall be no quotas or preferential treatment based on race, color, creed, or national origin.

14. The state shall restore the integrity of election laws so we may never again see electoral fraud as occurred in battleground states on November 3, 2020.  Such measures shall include the following: Eliminate unsolicited mail in ballots.  End same day registration and motor-voter registration.  Ban computer systems.  Return to paper ballots, hand counted.  Require proof of citizenship.  Limit early voting shall to two weeks or abolish all together, in which case there would be a single election “day,” not “season.”  Update voter rolls regularly.  Abolish “drop boxes.”  Require photo ID.  

15. The state shall pass anti-bullying legislation directed against any company, advocacy group, sports entity, league, or otherwise, professional or otherwise, and individual athletes or celebrities that disrespect our nation and flag or threaten to boycott a red state for passing a legitimate law regarding, for example, religious freedom, protecting children, students, and the general public against depredations by the Left with civilization-destroying ideas and policies such as transgenderism or critical race theory, and other intrusions on a lawful, open polity, and, of course, ensuring the integrity of our elections.  The state shall ban such entities from future and existing state contracts, tax breaks, set asides, anti-trust, or other protections, and further work, business, or other dealings with the state.

16. The state shall consider banning companies, athletes, sports leagues and entities, professional or otherwise, that maintain commercial or other relations with the slave empire of China from future and existing state contracts, tax breaks, set asides, anti-trust or other protections, and further work, business, and other dealings with the state.

17. Attorneys General of red states shall aggressively litigate against leftist, globalist, anti-American corporations including “Big Tech” corporations that infringe on the rights of their state’s citizens including the enforcement of speech codes, censorship of conservatives, “canceling” individuals who espouse conservative or traditional beliefs, and otherwise prohibiting normal, free, and open exchange.  Big Tech companies that deplatform, silence, cancel, ban, shadow-ban, filter, or demonetize individuals, websites, groups or organizations for expressing opinions they disapprove of, shall be fined, penalized, litigated against, including anti-trust litigation.  States shall regulate them as utilities, no different than the phone company, or radio and TV, for the right given them to use the public “space” and public “airwaves,” and pursue punitive actions and litigation when they deny access to their platforms for political reasons. Similarly, they shall pursue litigation or other measures against any and all corporations that engage in boycotts and other threats or intimidation against the state.

18. The state shall pass “Right to Try” Legislation that allows eligible patients to have access to investigational drugs or medicines that are safe and therapeutic particularly for life threatening conditions but not necessarily approved by the FDA or other regulatory agencies or boards, often for political or economic reasons.  

19. The state shall pass legislation protecting the right of doctors to prescribe and patients to use medicines for “off label” purposes.  In the Covid era, despite much experience and data demonstrating efficacy of various medicines and supplements, this became highly politicized and not allowed.  This included such safe, inexpensive, commonly used therapeutics found effective in the treatment of Covid, for example, such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zithromax, Doxycycline, aspirin, steroids, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin, Elderberry, among others.  State medical boards shall have no authority to discipline or threaten in anyway physicians who engage in such efforts, respecting the primacy of the patient-doctor relationship over dictates from politicized boards or other agencies.  Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and pharmacists shall similarly honor such prescriptions and recommendations by healthcare providers.

20. The state and the various cities, towns, and counties, through its law enforcement officials and criminal justice system shall enforce the law.  Criminals, particularly violent criminals, those engaging in murder, rape, intimidation, extortion, assault and battery, robbery, armed or otherwise, those engaged in unlawful violent protest, looting, and destruction of private property, incitement of violence and insurrection, terrorism, the use and sale of illicit drugs, those unlawfully encamped on public streets, thoroughfares, and places, shall be prosecuted, held, tried, and jailed for their crimes.  Law enforcement officials, district attorneys, courts, and judges shall be supported in their efforts to maintain law and order and preserve the peace. The state shall vigorously support the rights of victims of crime and protect them from criminals. 

21.  The state and officials at all levels, state and federal, on both sides of the political spectrum shall call for and demand that “woke” corporations and other entities and groups that hypocritically opposed election integrity efforts, particularly photo ID, as occurred recently regarding Georgia’s “Election Integrity Act,” boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

22.  Make Red States Red Again.

Each state should consider coordinating its efforts with other red states that the pro-America forces may present a united front against the Marxist Left.  But each red state should begin protecting its own people first against the encroachments of the tyrannical Left and Covid fascists, often, but not exclusively, one and the same. 

          We must fight against the autocracy of the Left who have abused the country and employed Covid fascism to pursue political goals.  We oppose conditions and policies that render the US less free than North Korea and Cuba or much of Europe.  Students of history, we recognize that King George never did to the colonists what our government(s) is (are) doing to us today.  We are well passed the time of reclaiming lost ground and demanding our God-given rights as free citizens.  It is essential that conservatives wield political power, help friends and allies, and punish our enemies, as the Left does.

         Let this serve as a Red-state manifesto, a rallying cry to galvanize those who are in a position to preserve what is left of the nation, in parts of the nation where the founding and founding principles still hold sway.  

Make Red States Red Again. 

 April 19, 2021

 Richard Moss, M.D., a surgeon practicing in Jasper, IN, was a candidate for Congress in 2016 and 2018. He has written “A Surgeon’s Odyssey” and “Matilda’s Triumph,” available on  Contact him at or Richard Moss, M.D. on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, GAB, Gettr, and Instagram.






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