Barack does Europe-Wow!


The fervent love affair between an adolescent media and its hero, Barack Obama, was never in greater evidence than during his recent trip abroad to visit the Middle East and then various European capitals, most particularly, Berlin.  In Berlin, Obama gave his "historic" speech before an adoring throng of some 200,000, many waving American flags, certainly an unusual sight these days. 

It was not mentioned in any of the accounts that several rock and roll bands played in the lead up to the anointed one's appearance on the stage.  

Obama spoke about the need to tear down walls, to improve relations between the US and Europe, and the need for Europe to do more in Afghanistan (this last of which recieved muted response).  He referred repeatedly to the American airlift that saved the Western part of Berlin from the Soviet blockade in 1948 launched by President Harry Truman and also about the need to defeat terror, this from someone who voted against the "surge" in Iraq and continues to deny that the "surge" has saved Iraq from falling into the hands of the very terrorists he claims to want to defeat.  But no matter. 

Obama also promised to "stand for the human rights of the dissident in Burma, the blogger in Iran, the voter in Zimbabwe," and any other number of enlightened causes.  Oh, really?  But again, should Iraq become the next failed Taliban state because of an Obama recommended premature withdrawl and no surge (exactly the sort of nation he wants to prevent Afghanistan from becoming), riven by rival terrorist gangs and militia, with untold civil strife, bloodshed, and suffering, a base of operations for al-Qaeda, and under the influence of Iran and Syria, that, we are assured, is of little consequence. 

Regardless of obvious inconsistencies and absurdities with Obama's rhetoric on the road, the media was all agog.  Comparisons with the historic speeches given in Berlin by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were made and in general the media was in awe of their hero, seeing his savior like reception in Berlin as proof that the Messiah indeed has arrived. 

The seeming popularity of Obama in Berlin, based on the large crowd attending his speech, also demonstrated in the minds of the media that there exists a hunger in Europe for deliverance from the US as currently comprised, led by the ever defective George Bush along with his wicked Rasputin, Dick Cheney. 

This feeds into one of the dominant myths of the media and the left, which is that American prestige is at an all time low, America is hated, America is despised, America is a terrorist, fascist state (what with Gitmo and Abu Ghraib), and that America under Bush is the source of all that is evil and wrong with the world.  

The outpouring of love for Obama was then seen by the media as an indication of the yearning in Europe for "enlightened," left wing, "eutopian" leadership in the US, a popular call to withdraw from Iraq, and to overthrow the tyranny of Bush, the war monger, right wing Republican who, like all Republicans, wins only by sowing seeds of fear, hatred and resentment. The yokels living in flyover country, too stupid to vote their natural leftist interests, are fed a regular diet of rancor and bitterness that leads them to vote for the party of rancor and bitterness, the Republicans and their champion (Bush). 

And as for our allies in Europe, well, they are of course already enlightened, leftist, socialist, transnational, anti military, anti business, culturally and morally sophisticated, post modernist, moral relativists, like the sainted one himself, Obama and nuanced leftists everywhere.  They naturally love Obama and hate Bush, hence the big crowd.  

And so it goes in the little bubble known as the "media." 

And poll after poll does indeed show that Europeans believe that, next to Israel of course, the US represents the greatest threat to world peace, and yes, there are many lefty Eurosocialists who believe all that, as there are many leftists in the US who firmly believe that, and all over the world for that matter, along with various and sundry dictators and Arab/Moslem Jihadists.  

But as for the average man on the street, the regular Joe or Jane, not particularly political, not swept up in various leftist, activist circles, I'm not so sure. 

Because the one poll that the media never speaks of or at best glosses over, the most important "poll" of all, known, by the way, as elections, make one wonder about the great unwashed we never hear from.  For here we find lefty Euro nation after lefty Euro nation going with openly pro-American leaders. 

Obama for example also found time on his whirlwind victory tour to visit with pro American German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin who handily defeated America scourge and leftist Gerhard Schroder.  He also visited with openly pro American French President Nicolas Sarkozy (who replaced another America scourge Jacques Chirac, Schroder ally during Iraq buildup) in Paris and then with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, successor to staunch US ally Tony Blair, in London.  Then, we learn of the return of Silvio Berlusconi, conservative and strong US/Bush ally to power as Prime Minister of Italy.

And suddenly "old" Europe is looking rather "new" and rather pro US, pro NATO, pro Atlanticist.  So, in the only polls that really matter - elections - it appears that Europe doesn't hate the US as much as the media/ Democrat Party/Hollywood/Academe/Left Wing axis would have us believe. 

But don't expect to hear this from the media. 

It doesn't fit their narrative or agenda or job description as transcriptionists for the Democrat Party and evangelists for the Messiah Himself, the anointed one, Barack Hussein Obama.   


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