Brett Kavanaugh Defends Himself - and Western Civilization


         Brett Kavanaugh defended himself before the Senate Judiciary Committee in one of the most important speeches ever given.  Amidst an onslaught of horrendous and unprovable accusations that would make the Democrats’ efforts to destroy prior Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas appear tame, Kavanaugh endured weeks of trashing by the activist left and their media/Democrat allies.  He then confronted his accusers and counterattacked with righteous anger, as well he should. 

            Kavanaugh is an innocent man.  He has been charged with nothing.  There have been no indictments or convictions.  No case, civil or criminal, has been brought against him nor will there be.  Because the accusations made by Christine Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick, and others, would never stand up in a court of law.  Nor would they or their Democrat allies want them to be.  There they would encounter due process such as depositions and interrogatories under oath, the right of the accused (through his lawyer) to question the accuser, witnesses for and against, the requirement for corroborating evidence, a jury of their peers, and legal assumptions and standards like the presumption of innocence and proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  No, they and the Democrats would rather it play out in the court of public opinion filtered through their media allies, where they could demolish a man’s career with baseless smears that we are now expected to believe because the accuser is a woman.  

            In the case of the Ford allegations, there were no witnesses, evidence, or corroboration. There were numerous inconsistencies in her account: where and when it occurred, who drove her back and forth, the fear of flying canard, the “claustrophobia” pretense, the “second door in her house” charade, the polygraph misrepresentation, failure to release medical records, four named witnesses who denied being there, etc.  The alleged event also occurred 37 years ago when Kavanaugh was 17 and she was 15.  Kavanaugh, in the meantime, has had an impeccable record.  He went to Yale College (graduated cum laude) and then Yale Law School. He clerked for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, worked under Ken Starr, served in the Bush administration as staff secretary, and has been a federal judge on the DC circuit court since 2006 with more than 300 legal opinions.  He has undergone six FBI investigations and now a seventh, which have produced nothing. Other than Ford, there here have been no other allegations of sexual misconduct or improprieties against him in a long public career. 

            In Ford’s case, there was merely an accusation, undisclosed by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein for months (when it could have been investigated privately), only to be lobbed like a political grenade after the hearings were already over to inflict maximum damage. Its purpose was to delay the proceedings past the mid term elections with a possible Democrat takeover of both houses to block Kavanaugh’s (and any further Trump nominee’s) confirmation.   

            The left depends on the courts to pass unpopular policies that it cannot enact through the elected branches of government.  In particular, the Supreme Court has given them tremendous latitude in reworking the culture in their image, upending critical, load bearing institutions that have existed for millennia.  As such, they have redefined marriage and imposed abortion as a “constitutional” right, among many other unconstitutional decisions.  The left does not seek a Supreme Court but a Supreme “Legislature” through which they can impose their vision on the nation.  

            What became evident during the Kavanaugh circus was that the left sought not just to wreck the man but the system, a legal system that has evolved over thousands of years.  Its purpose is to resolve disputes by actively ferreting out the facts.  It is an adversarial process. It is referred to as a “trial” for a reason. Allegations must be proven.  Nor must we believe someone because of his or her sex or race.  In our system of justice, it is preferred that a guilty individual go free than an innocent one go to prison.  The accused is given the benefit of the doubt.  A conflict or disagreement is resolved by determining the facts based on corroborating evidence – not unverified charges. But by creating a media driven frenzy of innuendo, panic, and smear, the left sought to declare Kavanaugh guilty because they said he was – due process be damned.  

            The lights have gone off in the Democrat Party and the media.  The have lost the story of America, the meaning, way, and character of America.  Instead of a routine nomination of a moderate Republican to the Supreme Court by a duly elected President, we had a seminal political event in which the Democrats, media, and leftist activists exposed themselves as extremists who would destroy an innocent man, his reputation and family, to achieve their political goals.  

            But Kavanaugh defied the left and set them on their heels.  He defended himself but much more.  He protected truth, due process, the presumption of innocence, and our constitutional rights.  In so doing, he upheld the nation, our system of law, indeed, our civilization.


October 14, 2018


Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016 and 2018. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years. He is married with four children.  


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