Congressional Candidate Dr. Richard Moss Denounces Omnibus Bill


Evansville, IN – At a meeting with supporters at the Red Bank Library, Dr. Moss criticized Congressman Larry Bucshon’s vote in favor of the massive “Omnibus” Bill.

“Congressman Larry Bucshon has done it again. By voting in favor of the Omnibus Bill, he has voted in favor of Obama’s legislative agenda, turning his back on the American people.

This monster of a bill, not less than 2000 pages, none of which he read, is a $1.1 trillion behemoth, or about half a billion dollars a page. It increased spending by $53 billion over the last year.

It fully funded Obama’s lawless executive amnesty, Planned Parenthood, “sanctuary cities,” and increased spending for “climate change.” It quadrupled H2-B visas bringing in more unskilled labor to compete with American workers. It fully funded the EPA and its destructive regulations regarding CO2 emissions – which will force coal plants to close. It was praised by the Obama administration as well it would be.

After all it fully funded the Obama agenda.  All in all, a great day for – liberal Democrats and Obama. This is another Bucshon Boondoggle. Larry Bucshon campaigns as a conservative but votes like a liberal.  He is part of the problem. Elect me and I will be part of the solution.”


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