Dr Moss' Legislative Agenda and 14 Point Plan


(Jasper, IN)  – Today, at a meeting with supporters, Dr. Moss discussed his plan to present to the voters of Indiana’s 8th Congressional District to return conservative values and policies to SW Indiana. For nearly six years now we have been represented by a big spending, liberal Republican, a loyal foot soldier of the Republican Establishment, who has disappointed his constituents at every turn. Dr. Moss is an Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon from Jasper, IN.


“I have a simple Fourteen Point Plan that addresses the major national issues affecting the 8th district, the state, and the country.”



We need to bring our corporations back from abroad and encouraging companies here by lowering and simplifying taxes, reducing regulations, and providing an optimal business climate to entice businesses to come to Indiana and put our people back to work with good paying jobs. I embrace the American Free Enterprise system and vigorously reject Socialism.



I stand strong in support of environmentally sound development of our natural resources, including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy.  Our energy industry creates good paying jobs, keeps fuel and energy costs down, ensures energy independence, makes Indiana more competitive, and provides revenue for necessary state programs and infrastructure.



I embrace a Pro-American Immigration Policy. I support deportation of illegal aliens, e-verify, and exit-entry visa tracking. I would repeal the Immigration Act of 1965 and end chain migration based on family reunification. I would build a wall and secure our border. Border security is national security.  I oppose amnesty and birthright citizenship. No driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, or access to our welfare programs.  I would end the waves of immigrants entering the country that take jobs from Americans and lower wages, and increase burdens on schools, healthcare, prisons, criminal justice, law enforcement, our safety net, and our local communities and states.  Immigration is not an entitlement or right for immigrants. It exists to benefit the American people.



As a doctor, I know that our current medical system is in need of reform. But I oppose Obamacare and any other attempt to nationalize our medical system. We need free market reform based on competition and choice.  We need health care that is portable, affordable, and personal.



Indiana has up to 70% of its land under cultivation. Corn, soybeans, and tomatoes are produced in bounty. Hog farming is most prominent. Maintaining this elevated level of agricultural production is essential. Reducing regulations and lowering taxes and allowing our farmers to compete and export will help.



Our educational institutions must provide students with marketable skills and classical education that will enable them to find jobs through vocational training and instruction or to enter and succeed in college and find productive employment after. I support our community colleges that provide one and two-year associate degrees at reduced cost that are market or job oriented.  I encourage parent-teacher based education that is state and locally controlled.



I endorse a balanced budget, and would limit federal spending to a fixed low percentage of the economy or GDP. I would start by reducing spending to pre-Obama 2008 levels other than for increases in inflation and population.  I support zero-based budgeting and sunset provisions on all programs to ensure a lean, effective government that, like regular Americans, must live within its means. Our national debt and unfunded liabilities threaten our nation and are unsustainable.



A strong, moral culture centered on the traditional, intact married family and faith are key elements of our Hoosier and American values and essential to a flourishing civil society.



Everyone is an individual first. I oppose the government’s efforts to balkanize the nation on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, and “class.” We are one nation with one language and one culture. It used to be called the “melting pot.” The Left, the media, many of our schools and campuses, elements within the Democrat Party and some clueless Republicans, reject this and embrace dividing the nation into competing racial and ethnic tribes. This is un-American – and will undermine the country. I embrace the individual, the melting pot, E Pluribus Unum (“From One Many), Americanization, assimilation, one language, one culture. I stand with Martin Luther King and support a merit-based, colorblind society that is founded on “the content of one’s character, not the color of one’s skin.”  It has worked for two centuries and should not be abandoned now.  But such thinking is under assault. I will defend it.



Working Americans are under attack in this country. They have been abandoned by elements within the Democrat Party and foolishly ignored by Republicans. It is time to regain their confidence and win their votes by promoting our energy industry (all fossil fuels including coal, oil, natural gas; also nuclear), creating good paying employment, reducing taxes, and ending the waves of immigrants entering the country that take their jobs and lower wages.



Our fourth branch of government, the federal bureaucracy, operates under the radar screen. But every year it issues tens of thousands of pages of regulations that have the impact of law with little or no credible Congressional oversight. They are unaccountable, unelected and wield tremendous power. In particular, I would rein in the EPA with its destructive CO2 emissions regulations (among many others) that are closing down coal plants and many other related industries and companies, imposing terrible burdens on Hoosiers, our state and the country.


Congress also sets the jurisdiction for the federal courts including the Supreme Court. It should use its constitutional authority to limit the Supreme Court’s power over the entire nation – a majority of a committee of nine unelected lawyers in black robes, who have taken it upon themselves, for example, to decide fundamental issues like the definition of marriage for 320 million Americans, fifty states, and fifty democratically elected state legislatures. It is unchecked judicial lawlessness.  It is not democratic and it is not Constitutional.



I favor term limits as one of the most effective mechanism to end our reckless, out of control federal government by professional career politicians in both parties, their special interests, consultants, and lobbyists that go to Washington, cut deals, grow the size of government and bankrupt our country.



President Obama has gutted our military. American weakness is provocative. When America withdraws our enemies advance as we see around the world with Russia and China on the move, Iran pursuing nuclear weapons, ISIS spreading, and the Middle East in flames. The world is safer and America is safer when America has the strongest military in the world.



I defend liberty, private property, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  We must put our reckless federal government back into its Constitutional box to increase the circle of liberty for the rest of us.  I embrace all ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights but would emphasize three because they have been under assault.  They are the First Amendment including free speech and religious liberty, the Second Amendment, the right of self-defense, and the Tenth Amendment regarding state sovereignty. I will oppose those who attempt to take away our God-given rights.


“Our nation is at the precipice.  Time is running out.  Enactment of this plan will get us back on the conservative track in Southwest Indiana. It will move the 8th District, Indiana, and the country in the right direction toward fiscal, economic, moral, cultural, and demographic strength.


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