Gaza, Jihad, And The West: A Love Story


It is a wonder to observe the fawning love affair of the world for genocidal Palestinian maniacs.  While, Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East goes about its business, busily producing Nobel Prize winners, cutting edge technologies, and a world-class economy, its barbarian adversaries in the Gaza strip, seventh century throwbacks, spend their time firing rockets at Israeli civilians and digging terrorist tunnels.  Instead of Singapore on the Mediterranean there is Afghanistan. 

Yet, Hamas and its Jihadist acolytes, offshoots of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, are the fair-haired children of the West, including its political class, media, and intelligentsia, not to mention certain dysfunctional international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union.  In Israel we find a pluralistic, democratic state governed by the rule of law, tolerant of its minorities, with powerful republican institutions such as a free press and an independent judiciary.  In Gaza, we have a terror state that imposes genital mutilation and death by stoning for apostasy.  And, no elections since Hamas last won in 2006. 

But that doesn’t stop our chattering class from swooning over genocidal, Jew-hating organizations with Nazi roots like Hamas.

Hamas and friends (al-Qaeda, ISIS, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, the Taliban, etc.) are also not as focused on little Israel as meets the eye notwithstanding the various dust-ups over the last several decades.  Israel is but a convenient stepping-stone.  Such groups have their sights on far bigger game than the Jewish state’s piddling 8000 square miles (about the size of New Jersey).  In fact, the world is their oyster. 

Hamas is part of a religious movement not a nationalist one.  It is an Islamic supremacist group that seeks world domination and a global Caliphate.  We know this because they have announced it in their charter.  It pines for the days of the prophet and his successors, and endeavors to establish an Islamic empire based on Sharia law.  The world and all of us in it is its target.

Hamas seeks to spread Islam by stealth or open warfare depending on demographics and other variables, and conquer, at the minimum, the “West,” including Europe and the US, but in time every nation and continent.  Indeed, Europe is already falling as it imports little Mogadishus into Paris, London, Brussels, and elsewhere, the collapsing welfare states and their aging, childless populations requiring labor from North Africa and beyond. 

But the smart set still cheerleads for its beloved religious fanatics.   And Hamas knows it can count on them to blame Israel even as it goads the Jewish state by launching rockets daily into its cities.  Even as Hamas deliberately places its rockets and ammunition in schools, mosques, and hospitals, as well as UNRWA facilities.  Even as it uses Palestinian civilians as human shields for the purpose of inflicting higher body counts for propaganda purposes.  Even as its leadership hunkers safely in well-stocked and fortified tunnels below.

And while the media, various governments (including our own), and the UN beat their chests for the Palestinians and Hamas and obsess over Palestinian deaths, they speak nary a word over the gruesome murder and oppression occurring, say, in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, or the Sudan.  A death is a death, no?  Not so.  Only deaths caused by Israel’s necessary defense of itself.

The media and others are also miffed about the relatively small number of Israeli casualties and resent its successful “Iron Dome.”  Instead of extolling Israel’s technical ingenuity and its commitment to protecting its citizens, they blame Israel for not allowing more of its people to be blown up.  

With the left and its various organs and propagandists, Israel can never be right; indeed, as they see it, Israel is a criminal operation and morally disfigured, stained and culpable from birth and by its continued existence (not unlike their view of the US).  Israel can do nothing to appease them except cease to be.

They ignore Israeli suffering even as Israel does all it can to minimize Palestinian civilian deaths.  They pay lip service to Israel’s right to defend itself, while demanding in the same breath that Israel do more to reduce Palestinian suffering, holding Israel to an impossible double standard and ignoring Palestinian provocation. Many accuse Israel of “genocide,” an absurd claim, since Israel could flatten Gaza tomorrow if it chose to.  And no one has to guess what Hamas and the Palestinians would do if they had the wherewithal to destroy Israel.  Nor does anyone need to speculate what the fate of Gaza would be if instead of Israel its enemy was, say, Assad in Syria.  But then no one would care.

And, lest we forget, the Palestinians elected Hamas in 2006.  They did so knowing of Hamas’s genocidal tendencies, Islamic supremacism, and rabid anti-Semitism.  But Palestinian society is the sea within which Hamas swims.  The Palestinians enable Hamas.  They support them.  They are of the same cloth, indistinguishable.  And so bear responsibility for their fate.

But the Palestinians, like Hamas, know the elites will back them. 

The inevitable conclusion must be that the elites, like the terrorists, have a death wish for Israel and the Jewish people.



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