Giuliani for Veep?


The Presidential race rolls on somewhat lethargically with the presumptive candidates for both parties now selected, and so far it does not look good for Republicans.  It may be that nothing will help the flailing, hapless, befuddled Republicans who appear determined to remain a minority party for the next generation or two, but McCain individually was felt to have better overall prospects.  And, as distasteful as McCain is to conservatives, he is clearly an improvement over Obama.  But the polls thus far do not look good for the GOP champion.

It is common knowledge that McCain is not beloved by conservatives.  It is also common knowledge that this Republican Party is not beloved by conservatives.  McCain, however, can unify his base, rally conservatives, and enter the fall campaign with momentum if he makes one smart decision - pick the right running mate. 

The right (conservative) VP choice will turn McCain's candidacy around.  The conservative base will respond.  In fact, they are desperately hoping for it.  The right selection will find the conservative base rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to jump both feet into the fray - they will open up their wallets, knock on doors, hand out flyers, organize fund raisers, man the phone banks, and get out the vote.  They will pour their energy into the campaign because rather than being taken for granted as they have been, they will instead have been shown proper respect.  Conservatives also, quite properly, fear an Obama administration coupled with powerful Democrat majorities in Congress.  But, again, without the right veep, they will not be willing to get out and fight for  the unreliable and often disappointing McCain. 

It is not, after all, the "moderate" (Democrat) wing of the Republican Party, the Rockefeller-Gerald Ford wing that wins elections but the conservative base.  It is they who must be courted.

Who best to join the McCain ticket?

It is generally accepted by pundits and conservatives that Romney is the current apple of the conservative eye and the one who would, if selected for veep by McCain, rally the troops to the Republican standard bearer, unify the base, and offer the best chance for McCain to triumph in November.  And I would agree with this analysis and embrace whole heartedly a McCain-Romney ticket as would most conservatives.  The reasons are many as I have written before, but basically revolve around the fact that Romney is as close a full range conservative as we have, in all three critical areas including traditional values, economic growth, and national defense, and would go a long way in galvanizing the party.  I would be very pleased with a Romney pick.

But let me again bring up the name of the man who turned the most liberal, dysfunctional, and dangerous city in America around, a financial, crime ridden basket case of a Gomorrah, a city riven with liberalism run amok, beset by powerful unions, strikes, racial strife, welfarism, soaring murder rates, and general lawlessness into a livable, safe, clean, business friendly, and prosperous empire city. 

A Republican running a Democratic city, taking on the vested liberal interest groups and power brokers, the media, unions, lawyers, and race and poverty baiters - and winning.  A proven executive who can handle the heat, pressure, and scrutiny, a great leader, and, after 9/11, a national hero (not to mention a Yankee fan) - Rudy!

I remain disappointed by the miserable primary campaign Rudy ran leading to his withdrawl after Florida.  His party and country lost a great leader and a real opportunity to turn Washington around.  Rudy would have restored fiscal discipline and responsibility, balanced budgets, reined in spending, cut taxes, taken on the terrorists and their defenders (home and abroad), rebuilt the military, and made government work.  Rudy was the nation's best chance to truly turn our government and country around.

Furthermore, Rudy would have put NY, NJ, California, and the entire northeast for that matter, and other liberal bastions into play for Republicans.  After all, he was NY City's mayor and a very popular one.  Yes, Liberal NYC.

I realize that Rudy does not comport with the standard vision of a true conservative because of his socially liberal views on abortion and gay marriage.  He is not perfect.  But he governs as a conservative and would pick judges in the image of Alito and Roberts, which is how a President weighs in ultimately on social issues.   I believe he would also secure our borders and end illegal immigration (although he is also not as strong as I would like on immigration).  His candidacy would create some problems for the conservative movement because of his social liberalism, but many would flock to his banner because they know he is tough on terror, a fiscal conservative who cut spending and taxes, and a proven executive who turned the ultimate liberal fruitcake city around.  He was also endorsed early on, by the way, by Pat Robertson. 

I would be delighted by Romney as veep choice for McCain.  It would be a great move for McCain and probably help him overcome the headwinds the Republicans face. 

But for a real shot in the arm, someone who positively strikes fear in the hearts of liberal Democrats because of his popularity in typical liberal sanctuaries like NY, think Rudy.  By putting such states into play, he would force Democrats to channel resources into states and regions normally assumed to be Democrat fiefdoms.  And he is a real fiscal and economic conservative that would make a great President (after a McCain administration).

Would the man who is used to being number one accept the second slot?  I believe the patriot/national hero who wants to help his country would.  Go Rudy! 

(But I wouldn't gripe with Romney either.)






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