Hate Speech And The Left


With the tragic shooting in Tucson, we are provided again with a ring side seat on the left wing carnival known as the Democrat party and the media.  The rush to associate the homicidal insanity of a disturbed kid with a political movement, the Tea Party, and the majority of Americans, who rejected liberalism last November, is now a well-established template of the left.  The only problem is that it is absurd on its face.

It is also odd for the left to attempt such a juxtaposition.  For it is the left that owns violent, revolutionary rhetoric and protest, or, to borrow one of its more endearing phrases, creating a "climate of hate."  Indeed, throughout the long, painful history of the left, both here and abroad, it has been at the vanguard of the most virulent propaganda and violent street action. 

One need have done nothing more than have picked up a newspaper recently to have learned of the various violent protests that occurred in Ireland, Great Britain, France, and Greece in those debt ridden and heavily socialized nations facing cutbacks and austerity measures as they attempt to scale back unsustainable social programs. 

Or noted the extreme forms of protest, incendiary language, and boycotts used against the state of Arizona after passage of its recent Immigration bill, compounded by a lawsuit, no less, from the Obama administration. 

Or, for that matter, the vicious denunciations of those opposed to Obamacare, the wholesale slander by liberals and Democrats of millions of Americans who disagreed with a government take over of health care, characterizing their fellow Americans as racists, Nazis, and the like.  

Indeed, it has become standard operating procedure for the left to insult anyone and everyone as bigots of one sort or another for the high crime of disagreeing with its nostrums. 

Oppose Obamacare?  You must be a racist.  Oppose same sex marriage?  Why, you're a homophobe.  Oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants?  Well, then, you're a xenophobe.  Oppose the building of a mosque at Ground Zero?  Why, you're an Islamophobe. 

It was also not so long ago, when the left could be found eagerly burning Bush in effigy, calling for his assassination, and comparing him with Adolph Hitler.

Liberals have also been most uncivil toward black conservatives, such as Clarence Thomas and others (Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, etc.), referring to them as "Oreo cookies,” "Uncle Toms,” “race traitors,” and worse, including threats of "lynching."

Sara Palin, Michelle Bachman, and other pro-life, conservative women have also been smeared and savaged by our gentle friends on the left.

Senator Joe Lieberman received the most repulsive of anti-Semitic bile from his fellow liberals, as befitted such a “turncoat” foolish enough to have supported Bush’s war on terror.

The left slanders Israel regularly, and maintains a bizarre alliance with violent Islamists (it actually makes sense: they both represent collectivist, totalitarian movements that despise the West); it refers to the sole, self-created democracy in a sea of jihadist despotisms, as a racist, Apartheid, Nazi state, such Orwellian abuse towards one of the most tolerant and diverse nations on earth.  No less a figure than former President Jimmy Carter, wrote a book "Peace Not Apartheid," attempting to equate pluralistic Israel with the racist, apartheid state of South Africa.  

Then there is Obama himself, who famously declared while referring to rhetorical engagement with Republicans that if "they bring a knife, we bring a gun."  Or the Mafia-like antics of Rahm Emanuel, who once sent a dead fish to a pollster that had irked him.  Or when New York mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed the Jihadist effort to plant a bomb at Times Square on "someone who didn't like health care...” Or well known leftist Markos Moulitsas of the "Daily Kos," who placed a bull's-eye on Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford because she was too moderate for his tastes.  Or Senator Claire McCaskill who declared during the debate over extending the Bush tax cuts that if we "give more money to millionaires, it really is time for America to take up pitchforks."  Or Congressman Steve Cohen who compared Republicans who wanted to repeal Obamacare with the Nazis and the Holocaust.

It is now the default position of the left to attack opponents as racists or Nazis over little more than philosophical differences.  It is a primitive, goonish tactic devoid of moral or intellectual merit, a crude attempt to silence debate. 

But then the left is desperate, as it observes its utopian fantasies come asunder. 

Socialist Europe crashes in debt.  Global warming pseudo-science is discredited.  Nations and states face bankruptcy caused by aggressive unions and unaffordable entitlements.  The US economy sputters despite a trillion dollars in "stimulus" pranks.  Decades of “diversity” politics and wealth transfers still leave America racially polarized and its inner cities impoverished.  Islamic terror proliferates despite Obama’s overtures to the Muslim world.  The American people reject Obamacare and two years after Obama's ascension, the Democrats are treated to an electoral Armageddon in the last election. 

Indeed, liberals are bitter and lashing out.  They can't win elections.  They can't convince Americans of their views.  They can't make their command and control policies work. 

And, so, they stop at nothing to gain traction, even something as ludicrous as libeling conservatives and most of America as accomplices in the actions of a lone psychopath. 

A confident and rational liberalism would not embarrass itself this way.















  • Hal Moss

    February 18, 2011

    nowadays free speech causes problems so people will Never tell you how they feel about anything these days....interesting theory...right now I just want the ECONOMY To come back, this recession is out of control, especially in south florida as well as the right to express yourselves

  • Harvey Chaimowitz

    February 19, 2011

    The Republican avatars mentioned in the blog are no one to be proud of. Notice how no Democratic pol ever criticizes Palin? Obama does it as little as possible. The strategic reason for this is that all of them, every single Democratic pol who understands political science is hoping and praying that the Republicans are stupid enough to nominate her or one of the other gaseous schmucks you mentioned. You think the average Democrat in the U.S. wants Arabs to defeat Israel or "hates America"? You don't think that's hate speech? Because of bullshit like that, Democrats are physically attacked by your followers. John Lewis, elderly and frail, was spat upon by whom? Leftists? Rightwing scum are always calling for the execution of liberals, those who favor gay causes or abortion, and on and on. Whom have liberals wanted executed? Your hero Tom Coburn wanted Schindler's List banned from tv, calling it liberal propaganda. Which Republican presidents do you boast of? The only one you have a clear conscience about is Lincoln, always calling yourselves the "party of Lincoln," but any reading of his policies show that people with his views were drummed out of the Repubican Party in the 20th century, while Democrats who hated the Lincoln legacy joined the Republican Party. During the civil rights struggle, which Republican campaigned for that cause? Which Republican marched for civil rights with King? I'm still looking. Let me know their names so I can shut up about it at last. Which Republican wanted to bring Jewish refugees here during the Holocaust? Just name one. I can fill a thousand pages with this stuff. I have 64 years of it stored up. "I will go to Korea," said Ike when I was 6. He was voted in. Did he go? Taft wanted the nomination then. What did he stand for? Stop the Nuremberg trials, he said. We have no right to try Nazis for ex-post facto crimes. The Nazis passed laws against Jews and those laws should have been respected, he said. Why did Ike beat him for the nomination? Only because Taft died of cancer to roast in hell and play ping pong with Hitler.

  • Theodore E. Kass

    February 22, 2011

    Time for the liberals and the right to begin to work together or we will no longer mean anything as a world leader.
    If compromise and civility cannot be reached this nation will follow the lead of every other nation that once either ruled or influenced the world.

    Only smart people have the ability to compromise. Get the morons and hate mongers out of government.

    Put back into office the caliber of people who originally made our country so great.

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