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Not to be melodramatic as there are afterall millions of websites and blogs out there, but it is my first blog, so why not add a little flourish and call it an "inaugural" blog?  I'll allow myself this small indulgence. 

As my website, i think, makes abundantly clear, i am first and foremost a practicing physician and busy father of four children and in between those two large undertakings, i squeeze in time for writing and now blogging - yes, i would love to be able to write and/or blog fulltime but for now it is not in the cards.  So let me state from the outset that i read next to nothing on the internet, have little or no time to keep up with other blogs, and do not know officially what blogging is other then a general notion that it represents a new form of communication that takes advantage of the internet for wide dissemination and involves a relatively rapid fire high intensity reaction to events, an ongoing almost real time exchange, a literal version of shooting from the hip, occurring on a regular, even daily, or several times daily basis.  It tends to be more spontaneous, off the cuff, and less studied.  It will not be as well researched as say a formal article, essay, or, of course, a book.  But whatever it is, for better or worse, it does permit an ongoing swift-delivery, staccato-like, tit for tat, informal conversation (shouting match?) that takes place in the rarified but highly volatile atmosphere of the internet that has taken on broad dimensions and influence. 

It has, for example, turned the media world upside down, undermined the formerly authoritative and now crumbling edifices of the old media (the three major networks, the NY Times and Washington Post, who meted out judgements and high opinion by decree, generally unchallenged, and tilting unabashedly leftward), much as talk radio has, and has brought political elites from both sides of the ideologic spectrum to heel.   There may be a tendency to rant and to fill the ethers with rancor and bile (this now more the province of the left, it seems, which never tires, for example, of its association of Bush with Hitler and fascism, and many other similar such points of hysteria and delusion)and perhaps much of what is said is innacurate, unlettered, and unworthy, but be that as it may, it has become a prominent part of the national and international dialogue possessed of considerable heft and power.

So, i will toss my words into the maelstrom, based on this understanding of what political blogging is - reacting to events or experiences or words and deeds - of political leaders, the media, developments here and abroad, but also from personal experiences in life, family, work, and, in my case, my practice.  There is much to be gleaned from a busy medical practice with lots of kids and families, and unfortunately the neglect and decay of our culture and moral structure is very much in evidence.  It seems, for example, as if bearing children illegitimately and having others raise them has become utterly mainstream - even in rural red state southern Indiana.  The impact on these kids born out of wedlock or coming from divorced homes, shuttling back and forth between parents, being raised by foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, boyfriends, what have you, is devastating.  But more about that later.  I may look upon events in my family as well for material in which to embellish or draw conclusions from or just to share with readers, say, for example, my son's bar mitzvah last saturday, what was said, who was in the audience, and what their reactions were, and what it all means.

On political issues, i can say that my resources are not extensive but still solid and good.  They are chiefly the Wall Street Journal editorial page, National Review, and Commentary.  More than this, I simply have no time for.  Yet, I feel, it is enough.  For a while I was reading the Jerusalem Post, loved it, but couldn't keep up with  the weekly subscription and so eventually cancelled.  I love the WSJ, but do get a bit airsick when they carry on about the glories of open borders and wonder how an editorial board that gets it right on so many other matters can be so wrong on this - still (other than this unfortunate miscue), they are true founts of wisdom.  National Review (Buckley's magazine) was, as for so many others, where I got my start in the world of conservative thought and have remained an active reader since 1992.  Commentary is great for more in depth analysis and a larger involvement in Jewish or Israeli issues.  Then there is talk radio, led by none other than Rush.  That is it - but it seems enough really to develop informed opinion on the issues of the day. 

That's it for now.  I'll try to post regularly.  In between kids and patients.  I would also recommend everyone to check my article archives for a quick glance at where I stand on some important matters.  Try the latest one on Bush - of whom I am not a fan.  Also, check out the photos.  some good stuff there on my travels, work overseas as a physician, and family shots.  finally, check out the bio, the complete one and lyrical one.  some good stuff there too and pix as well.  see you for the next posting.  dr moss.  


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