Las Vegas, the Left, and "Gun Control"


Jasper, Indiana.  

Dr. Richard Moss criticized the media and the Democrat Party and some in the Republican Party for using the Las Vegas tragedy to exploit emotions for political purposes, to push through unwise legislation, even as the ruins are still smoldering.

"The unavoidable reality is that there is evil in the world, and evil individuals who commit atrocities.  It is unlikely that another law will prevent the next mass killing.”

“The effort to polemicize the issue though is predictable. Some have even called for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  That would require two thirds of both houses and three fourths of the states.  It will never happen because Americans recognize the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment.  They know that taking guns away from law abiding citizens means that only criminals will have them.”

“The right to self-defense is inalienable.  It is a primary, natural right that comes from God.  It is implied in the ‘Declaration of Independence.’  If  ‘we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights’ among which are life and liberty then the right to defend our lives is implied and required, hence the right to bear arms is encoded in the Constitution through the Second Amendment.  The right to life and the right to defend one’s life are necessary complements and intertwined. For what good is the right to life and liberty if you cannot defend them against those who would take them from you including criminals, terrorists, and a despotic government?”

“The Second Amendment is critical to any understanding of the nation and its founding spirit.  It exists because of the value placed by the framers on life and individual sovereignty.  It was a bulwark against tyranny, of an all-powerful, central government, a grave concern for the founders who had just fought a war against tyranny in the form of the British Crown.”

“Most gun violence occurs in Democrat territory, our inner cities, caused by pro-crime leftist policies.  If our politicians were serious about controlling gun violence, they would stop attacking our police who protect us, secure our southern border, stop importing refugees from Syria and other Muslim nations, and stop releasing violent felons, drug dealers, and criminal illegal aliens into our streets. They would end sanctuary cities and not appoint “catch and release” judges that are soft on crime.  They would stop destroying our inner cities with failed liberal social welfare policies and broken cultural models that create a permanent underclass with high crime rates including murder.”

“As we mourn and care for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre we must also defend our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment.  We thank God that we live in a country where we can protect our loved ones and ourselves.”

Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years. He is married with four children. Find more of his essays and blog posts at For more information visit Contact us at Find Moss For Congress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.










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