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Liberal Heads Explode After Trump Victory


            It has been entertaining to watch leftists flailing hysterically since the election of Donald Trump.  Their contempt for their country and the democratic process could not be more obvious.  And nowhere in the media, the Academy, or the Democrat Party, is there even a trace of soul searching or acknowledgement of possible miscues under President Barack Hussein Obama or the Hillary Clinton campaign.  In the face of Trump’s historic upset victory, the loss of traditional blue states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and Republican control of both houses of Congress, the left responds as they always have, by mindlessly burping out yet more insults and slurs against Trump and his supporters - those millions of Americans who had once been the backbone of the Democrat party.

             The left wing media, in particular, has been apoplectic.  They are now an openly corrupt institution that has long since given up the pretense of objectivity.  Instead of government watchdog and pillar of democracy charged with overseeing government, the press has become an arm of the government and propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.  They exist to flatter one another and advance the PC, leftist narrative. The newsflash is they no longer matter.  Reduced to the status of annoying left wing hecklers, they influence no one beyond a shrinking slice of Americans who read the New York Times.  Their power to sway the outcome of elections has ended.  The wicked witch is dead.  Hail Dorothy!  This is great news for the country. 

            The left didn’t see the wave coming that would inundate them.  Their inflated self-regard and contempt for the great unwashed and their quaint notions of nationhood made it impossible for them to recognize it.   They didn’t see it in Germany, France and throughout Europe.  They didn’t see it in the UK and Brexit.  And they didn’t see it in the US. 

            Americans, like most Europeans, reject transnational globalism, and the effort underway to repeal national identity and culture.  Most people, unlike leftists, admire their national history, language and culture and want to preserve them.  They also want to maintain their borders.  They reject PC tyranny and identity politics that balkanize the country.  They shun victimhood and “multiculturalism.”  They abhor the pagan Marxist effort to purge differences between the sexes for the benefit of tiny, perpetually aggrieved sexual minorities. They repudiate amnesty, sanctuary cities, Obamacare, and the war on fossil fuels.  They reject Syrian Muslim refugees, phony “hate-crimes,” and bad trade deals.  They have also had it with being called racist, sexist bigots because they oppose transgendered bathrooms and mass third world immigration.

            But the angry left lashes out.  The ones who whined about Trump not accepting the results of the election are now denying the legitimacy of his victory.  They demand recounts.  They condemn the Electoral College.  They harass electors.  They engage in a witch-hunt against Steve Bannon.  They blame the Russians, “fake news,” and Jill Stein for their defeat. They liken Trump to Hitler while worshipping Castro. George Soros-funded goons riot in the streets.  Hollywood stars make fools of themselves.  Student snowflakes demand “safe spaces.” And Democrats are poised to nominate radical, former Nation of Islam member, and anti-Semite, Keith Ellison as their leader. Learning nothing from their defeat, they move further to the left.

            The alt-left, the media, and the Democrat Party see their country through the prism of bigotry and oppression.  America, for them, is a sweltering cesspool of racism and intolerance.  They are the army of saints that will cleanse the nation of its sins.  Anyone opposing their noble efforts is by definition, a bigot.  The one tool in their toolbox is to slander anyone disagreeing with their failed policies as racists or misogynists.  They can never grasp the good in America because they are blind to it.  For them it is morally stained from its inception.  They despise its founding, history, culture, and economic system.  They loathe whites, Christians, and heterosexuals, and especially the reviled “straight, white male.”  They denigrate coal miners, cops, and the military.   But it is they, the intolerant left, who are the racists and bigots.  And they wonder why they lost.

            Here is some “real” news for the fake left. America is the greatest nation in the history of human civilization.  It is the most tolerant and least racist country on earth.  It embraces the individual, limited government, private property, religious freedom, and free markets.  It is the pinnacle of western civilization and model for the rest of the world.  If you live in this country, whoever you are, you have won life’s lottery.  But the left will never see this.

            My sympathies go out to the crazed left.  But after eight years of Obamaism, the “deplorables” have had enough. 

            The joyous sound heard ringing across the land is liberal heads exploding.  What a festive season it is.  Merry Christmas.


December 21, 2016


Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  Find more of his essays and blog posts at  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.















  • J.Miss

    December 24, 2016

    Great column Dr. Moss.
    And a Happy Hannukah

  • J.Miss

    December 24, 2016

    Great column Dr. Moss.
    And a Happy Hannukah

  • richard moss

    December 25, 2016

    Thank you J.Miss.

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