My Contract With Indiana's 8th District - And America



By Richard Moss, MD

Candidate for Congress, Republican Party, 

8THCongressional District, Indiana


Jasper, IN: Congressman Bucshon has been campaigning as if he is the greatest Trumper the world has ever known, citing some absurd factoid about being in agreement with the President “98.6%” of the time, coincidentally normal body temperature. But Bucshon is no Pro-Trumper, he is the anti-Trump.  On the issue of the day, which is immigration, he showed himself to be the opposite of Trump by endorsing “Gang of 8” amnesty-Rubio during the Republican Presidential Primary. He called Trump’s executive order to ban Muslims from dangerous countries “divisive” and “unfortunate.”  He is a Never-Trumper trying to rebrand himself as a pro-Trumper.  But he is no such thing. 

            But this is what happens when you stand for nothing and don’t even know what you believe. He is not steeped in the issues and gets his cues from the GOP establishment, arguably the worse possible source.  He is, like the GOP, status quo, a big government, big spending liberal progressive Republican pretending to be a conservative.  It is not for nothing he has a Heritage Action Conservative Score of 52%, an F. It’s not for nothing he votes every year for some massive Omnibus Bill that funds Democrat priorities like sanctuary cities, amnesty, DACA, and Planned Parenthood.  He ducked his debate with me, refusing to defend his record.  Finally and perhaps most telling, he has moved to DC, a swamp creature if ever there was one.  It is time to drain the swamp beginning right here in Indiana’s 8thdistrict.  It is time to repeal and replace Larry Bucshon. 

            In the context of Larry’s wavering and posturing, I present my Contract with Indiana’s 8thDistrict and America.  Here is my ten-point platform on the critical issues of the day. You will know where I stand, and I will not waver or posture regardless of political headwinds.  It is time for a change.


10 Point Contract With Indiana’s 8thCongressional District and America


1. America First Immigration Reform. 


2. Balanced budget. Cut spending, taxes, regulations. Reduce the size of government. 


3. Repeal Obamacare. Support Free Market Healthcare Reform. 


4. Rein in the Federal Courts.  End government by judicial fiat.   


5. Fight the Opioid Crisis By Securing the Southern Border, ending DACA, “catch and release,” and the corrupt and abused “asylum” and “refugee” system. Deport Illegal alien criminals, drug dealers, and gangs like MS 13 that are overrunning our cities and towns and importing illicit heroin, fentanyl, Meth, and Cocaine from Mexico that is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year.


6. End the War on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear: Confront the pseudoscience known as Global Warming/Climate Change.  Make American the dominant energy power in the world.  Refocus the EPA on real pollutants not CO2.


7. Education Reform: First Amendment Protection on College Campus, Code of Ethics, End political indoctrination in schools and colleges. Lower costs through competition and choice.  Privatize loans. Two-tiered educational system (K-12), college bound and career training. Promote School Choice.


8. Defend the Second Amendment. Crime Control Not Gun Control. Concealed Carry National Reciprocity


9. Restore traditional values, culture, morality, faith, and the two-parent intact married family as the model for society. Promote Life.  Defend the Judeo-Christian tradition and Western Civilization. Oppose the transgendering of our military, schools, and bathrooms.  


10. International: America First Foreign Policy: Unchallengeable Military Deterrent. Peace Through Strength. 


So what is Bucshon’s position on the issues? You would never know. He never says. After all, he has 90% name ID, as he said in defense of his decision not to debate me. These are the issues I would fight for on behalf of Indiana’s 8thdistrict and the nation.


Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years. He is married with four children. 


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