Off to Socialist utopia - Scandinavia


 Hello again.  A brief post today for i must prepare for my trip overseas.  The Baltic cruise deal with wife.  Been wanting to do this for sometime.  Six countries in one fell swoop.  Not bad.  Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Estonia, by one week cruise.  Followed by trains and boats to see Norway and fjords.  two weeks.  difficult leaving kids for this long, never before done.  My office manager, liz, has agreed to the suicidal mission of watching them for us while away.  Well, we're looking forward to it but always worry about kids.

Brief Political comments.  GOP debate was fine.  They're all respectable men.  Somehow i even like Ron Paul.  Bottom line: Guliani has to shore up credentials on illegal immigration.  Sanctuary city deal may hurt him.  Still, he is hands down right guy to step into the job.  Ready and able.  Incredible executive experience turning nyc around.  so much to draw on.  but must shore up on illegals, make it clear to base he will secure border, not give amnesty, and get the feds to do their job already.    I liked his line about the top tier dems running for top job.  None of them, he said, has ever led a state, a city, or a business, and the Presidency is not the place for on the job training.  so true. serving in the senate is a questionable background for running the country and it is not an accident that no senator has been elected since jfk.  we seem to like govs, veeps, or generals, and probably rightly so.  executive experience is what is needed.

Health care reform is in the air.  The cons/republicans had better be ready with free market proposals to resist and counter the single payer, universal health care onslaught that is surely coming.  $15,000 tax deduction for pvt health insurance is a start.  insurance deregulation.  subsidized pvt insurance not gov insurance for poor who are not eligible for medicaid.  HSAs.  these are all ideas to promote. 

see my latest article in archives on free market healthcare reform for aug 07 for more details. 

Watch out for SCHIP, or Hillarycare, by stealth. 

See you in two weeks.  regards, drmoss.


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