President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As The Capitol of Israel


President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel

Dr. Richard Moss, candidate for Congress, applauds President Trump on his historic decision

Jasper, IN: Dr. Richard Moss, candidate for Congress, offered congratulations to President Trump.

“Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for three thousand years and of the modern state of Israel for nearly seventy years.  The Jewish people are inseparable from Jerusalem.  I congratulate the President for his bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.”

“The usual suspects agonized over the impact of Trump’s move on the so-called ‘peace process’ and the ‘two state solution’ as if ‘peace’ was breaking out all over the Middle East.  The Palestinian Authority (PA) laughably threatened to cut off ties with the US if Trump went through with it.  I would count that as an incentive for recognizing Jerusalem and while we’re at it we should end all funding, recognition, and legitimization of that terrorist gang.”

“Turkey, under Islamist Recip Erdogan, which has become increasingly hostile to the US and the West, threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel.  Make our day.  It is high time the West, led by the US, tossed Turkey out of NATO and moved our bases to friendlier nations.  And for good measure, we should recognize Iraqi Kurdistan and support the Kurdish independence movement in Turkey.”

“We heard from the Palestinians, Europe, the UN, the Arab and Muslim world, the media, the Democrats, and the foreign policy establishment, particularly our pro-Palestinian State Department, all hyperventilating about the Trump decision. But this decision was based on the bipartisan 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, passed by a 95-3 vote in the Senate that unfortunately came with a Presidential waiver.  Every President since including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem but failed to do so.  Only one, Donald Trump, kept his promise.”

“The Palestinian terrorist gang known as the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ or ‘PA,’ (formerly, the ‘Palestinian Liberation Organization’ or ‘PLO’) under Mahmoud Abbas (in his twelfth year of a 4 year term) along with Hamas threatened violence, terrorism, and ‘Days of Rage.’  The Palestinians have been in a perpetual state of rage for decades.  They have been promoting violence and terrorism since the absurdly named ‘peace process’ began 24 years ago in Oslo.  Murder and terror is their stock in trade.  It is the only bargaining chip they have, since they have done nothing to create a functioning civil society or private economy.  But it has paid off.  The Palestinians receive massive undeserved international aid, holding the threat of violence and terror over the heads of the rest of the world, who, in effect, pay them ‘hush’ money,’ a highly lucrative racket for its corrupt leaders.  As such, they are the world’s ultimate welfare basket case with all the attendant social pathologies that accompany such fraud.  Any violence and terror from the Palestinians should be dealt with firmly by Israel’s police and military.” 

“Furthermore, why should we appease Palestinian extremists?  Why hold our policies hostage to terrorists?  Why allow Palestinian extortion and incitement to influence us at all?  We do not let terrorists tell us what capitols to recognize, what cartoons we can draw, and how we should live our lives - despite the handwringing of the anti-Israel left in the Democrat Party, the media, the UN, and in European and Muslim capitals.  The so-called ‘peace process’ is a fantasy and a sham.  The Palestinians do not even recognize Israel’s right to exist or that there is any historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, let alone seek a ‘two-state solution.’  The Palestinians have no intention of making peace with Israel.  Rather, they seek its destruction.”

“It is time we accepted reality about the Palestinians and dealt with them as they are not as we wished them to be.  They are violent, radical, kleptocratic thugs who run a very profitable mafia state and shakedown operation.  The PA has formed a unity government with Hamas, which our State Department recognizes as a terrorist group.  The PA itself is a terrorist group on its own accord but also through its association with Hamas. We should therefore cut off all ties with the PA as required by law. We should stop training its security personnel.  We should derecognize, defund, and delegitimize the PA as a ‘peace partner,’ which clearly it is not.  It is the enemy of peace.”

“Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East, with world class hospitals, museums, symphonies, and universities.  It is an economic and military powerhouse and world leader in a wide range of innovative, cutting edge technologies and industries including biomedical, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, weapons, hydraulics, cyber security, computer sciences, agriculture, aerospace, genetics, cancer, ballistics, telecommunications, and many others.  Israel boasts Nobel Prize winners.  It leads the world in patents and copyrights.  Israel has its own ‘Silicon Valley’ and has been aptly nicknamed ‘Start-Up’ Nation.  Big Tech companies (and others) like Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, Google, IBM, Motorola, and Apple have flocked to Israel to build research centers to take advantage of the abundant talent and resources available in Israel’s labor force, universities, companies, and other institutions. In Israel, women, gays, and all minorities including Christians and Muslims, enjoy equal protection and rights. Indeed, Israeli Arab Muslims are the freest Muslims in the Middle East.  Israel is the national model for the benighted Middle East and the rest of the world to follow. ”

“Under Israeli rule, Muslims and Christians of Jerusalem enjoy protection of and access to their holy sites. When Jordan illegally occupied Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967 ancient synagogues were destroyed and Jewish headstones from the cemetery at the Mount of Olives were used for latrines. Christian sites similarly were vandalized and went unprotected.”

“No other nation, including pariah states like North Korea, Cuba, or Iran, has had to endure the humiliation of the rest of the world ignoring its designated capitol.  Only our greatest ally in the Middle East, the sole democracy in an otherwise backward, torn region, devoid of human rights, liberty, and religious freedom, has had to tolerate such unfair treatment.  President Trump has corrected an historical wrong with his brave decision.  Bravo Mr. President and thank you.”   

Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years. He is married with four children. 

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