The Folly and Shame of the Never Trumpers


            Do we not grow weary of the sanctimonious ones?  The Never Trumpers that endlessly hector and scold, and hold themselves up as paragons of moral virtue? They display their good taste by showing contempt for Trump and his supporters.  Some of them claim they will vote down ballot, skipping the Presidential slot, or vote for Evan what’s his name (McMullin).  Some will write in a candidate or go Libertarian, neither of whom will have any chance of winning.  Other pious Republicans will even cast their vote for Hillary.

            Although they call themselves conservatives, Never Trumpers are willing to undo the candidacy of the one man who stands in the way of a radical leftist ascending to the Presidency who will build on the destructive legacy of President Barack Obama.  Indeed, the Democrat candidate is arguably the most corrupt individual to ever seek the office.  Hillary Clinton is a career politician who knowingly compromised our nation’s security, broke our laws, and sold her office.  Yet the Never Trumpers undermine the only candidate who can stop her, which makes us wonder not about Trump – but about them.  However boorish or flawed Trump may seem, whatever he may have said or done as a private citizen 15 or 20 years ago, it is a pale echo of Hillary’s misdeeds in a long and miserable career in government.  

            As Secretary of State, Hillary sacrificed our consulate in Benghazi and knowingly lied about it, championed policies that created ISIS, and converted pro-Western Libya into an Islamic terrorist snake-pit.  She backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (Mohammed Morsi), nearly sabotaging a critical alliance while discrediting a courageous Muslim reformer (al-Sisi).  Hillary and Obama squandered our blood and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan and have thrown both away to our enemies.  As a result of her policies, Syria is in meltdown with the worst refugee crisis of our time.  The Middle East now belongs to Iran and its terrorist proxies, and our Sunni allies and Israel have been undercut.  Obama and Clinton have paved the way to a nuclear-armed Iran.  We now have homegrown terror in the US.  Hillary’s amateurish “reset” policy with Russia appeased Vladimir Putin, helped rekindle the Cold War, and led to the seizure of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.  She did nothing to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea or North Korean belligerence.  

            On the domestic front, Hillary supported Obamacare, which is in free fall.  She backed Obama’s economic policies that have doubled the national debt, increased income inequality, and led to the worst economic “recovery” since World War II.  She endorsed open borders and amnesty.  She lied repeatedly in her various cover-up efforts over her private server and the Clinton Foundation.  Like Obama, she is a consummate race-baiter and supported Black Lives Matter, the racist, anti-Semitic hate group that promotes cop killing.  She and her husband have become filthy rich through sham speaking engagements, paid extortionate sums by questionable corporate and foreign interests seeking influence including many Arab regimes.

            Never Trumpers are aiding someone who will build and expand on the Obama legacy of lawlessness, the growth of government, and the dismantling of our national culture and identity.  They, in effect, back someone who will throw open our borders to the third world and grant amnesty to those already here.  Hillary will preside over the expansion of the administrative state and pack the courts with other like-minded leftists who possess the same disregard that she has for federalism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

            Which candidate is more likely to damage the country?  Who is more likely to undermine the Republic, the Constitution, and our free market economic system?  Who will appoint radical leftists as judges, continue the wrecking and social engineering of our military and our society, and declare war on freedom of speech, religious liberty, and the second amendment?  Who will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and open the door to millions more, an influx that will overwhelm the nation and transform it into one giant permanent blue state with millions of new welfare recipients and Democrat voters?

            The so-called conservative, Holier than thou Never Trump crowd cannot abide supporting Trump, or even keep from insulting him and his many followers in the most vicious ways.  They must then recognize that they are complicit in a possible Hillary presidency that will bring the nation to its knees.  Although an imperfect candidate, Trump is the only one that can prevent a likely 16-year Obama-Clinton continuum that will disfigure the nation irreversibly.  The moral and principled choice is to stop Clinton by embracing Trump.  By failing to do so, Republican Never Trumpers betray the nation and the conservative cause they claim to be a part of, and place themselves alongside the vile left who actively seek to destroy the country.


November 3, 2016


Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. Find more of his essays and blog posts at  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram












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