The "Ground Zero" Mosque Belongs Nowhere Near Ground Zero


The matter of the Ground Zero Mosque has been chewed over remorselessly by almost everyone.  The specifics revolve around the decision of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to create a thirteen story edifice replete with classrooms, lecture halls, and a mosque named, not insignificantly, Cordoba House, near Ground Zero, the site of radical Islam's most violent attack against the West. 

It is here where nearly 3000 Americans were massacred, and the impact of that aggression, with Americans still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, is very much with us today.

Mr. Rauf, one would think, would have had some inkling of the displeasure the location for such a project would cause for most Americans.  Yet, he claims to be prompted by a desire to build interfaith “bridges.”

Mr. Rauf, indeed, has promoted unity and friendship between religions in the past.  He has condemned terrorism and anti-Semitism, participated in "peace Seders" and supported human rights and democracy for the Muslim world.  But there are also other more troublesome aspects to his record.  

For example, he blamed US policies for 9/11, which he stated, “…were an accessory to the crime that happened on 9/11.”

He published a book in the US in 2004 entitled What's Right with Islam Is What's Right with America, but reissued it overseas in 2007 as A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Da’wa from the Heart of America Post 9/11. 

Da'wa is jihad employing insidious, non-violent means.  Through various institutions (the media, Academe, the government, "cultural centers," advocacy groups), activists integrate themselves into society, furthering Islamic interests on an unsuspecting public, until, having acquired sufficient strength, they can impose their will.

His book was also reissued in the US by two organizations connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that supports Hamas and calls for "destroying ...Western Civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house." 

Rauf's choice of the name Cordoba House is also not encouraging.  Cordoba is a city in southern Spain conquered by invading Muslim armies in 711 AD; a Caliphate was established and the largest church was converted to a Mosque. 

The building of Mosques atop churches, synagogues, and temples of other faiths is an old Muslim practice.  It has been done also in Jerusalem, Istanbul, India, and elsewhere.  It humbles the subjected peoples and establishes Islamic primacy. 

He equivocated on whether Hamas was a terrorist organization.  "The question of terrorism is a very complex question," he said. 

He has been less than forthcoming on the issue of funding.  But at a price tag of $100 million, it would not be surprising if Saudi Arabia or even Iran were behind such a venture. 

And so for expressing reasonable concerns about the building of such a complex, spearheaded by such an individual, at Ground Zero, the response of many elites has been to scold critics as intolerant boobs motivated by nothing more than … racism. 

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lectured that opponents of the Mosque were disgracing the memory of firefighters who died in 9/11. 

President Barack Obama endorsed the Ground Zero Mosque, saying "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country." 

Which no one ever questioned.

 Such sneering, however, is consistent with the general attitude of the intelligentsia and media who seem unable to fathom why 70% of the population opposes the Ground Zero Mosque beyond blind bigotry or “Islamophobia.”

Carmelite Nuns were not part of the Nazi killing apparatus and yet agreed to move their convent from Auschwitz.  Nor would racism explain why many would oppose a Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor or a German monument at Yad Vashem. 

Liberal progressives in government and the media have attempted to frame the Ground Zero mosque debate in terms of first amendment rights and "tolerance."  But it is neither.  America has nothing to prove in regards to religious freedom and no one questions the Imam’s legal "right" to build the mosque.

Rather, it is a matter of common sense, decency, and respect. 

There are, after all, 2300 mosques in the US and 200 in NYC alone.  Muslims worship freely in this country as do others of all faiths.  Muslims have immigrated to this country of their own volition, as do millions of others each year, seeking a better life; they enjoy far greater religious freedom here than in their nations of origin.

Rauf, the genteel Jihadist, claims to want to build bridges through his “Cordoba House” but cannot be taken seriously since he must have known his choice of address would achieve just the opposite. 

His initiative, rather, should be seen as a thinly veiled provocation, a marker presaging some final Islamic triumph, deliberately placed at the site of Islam’s greatest assault against our nation, an expression of monumental insolence and contempt.

The controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Mosque is not about religious freedom but whether America will continue to be bullied and hectored by its detractors. 

America’s record of pluralism, diversity, and freedom is second to none and should be vigorously defended - notwithstanding liberals prattling about “tolerance” and their Islamist allies who would take advantage of our liberties to humiliate us.

The “Ground Zero” Mosque belongs no where near Ground Zero.


































  • RM

    September 19, 2010

    When the USA 'conquered' the moon the American flag was erected. Historically, Islam has done the same. Why should anyone expect Muslims to act any differently at ground zero. It is a war and the Muslims at large beat the west as symbolically illustrated in 9/11. Everytime you get on a plane for the rest of your lives you will be reminded of this. Muslims worldwide outnumber Americans, fight 'dirty', don't value human lives ( at least do not value yours) and will continue to win if America does not wake up. Just look at France. The USA is just a generation away from becoming overrun with this culture.

  • Ted Kass

    September 19, 2010

    You a right on the money.

    Pandering to the Islamist actors is beyond foolish. This is a well thought out plan to invade our society very much like the story of the Trojan Horse. To hide in plain sight and show the American public your many charms while you preach Jihad in your own language in the secret halls of your temple is an age old trick.

    Even the President of Iran is now singing a new tune. He is showing us his gentle face.

    Unfortunately many Americans have been taken in by these tactics. The liberal media talks as if we were limiting religious freedom.

    Nation by nation is being colonized by the Islamists. First they come in quietly and next they want you to recognize Sharia Law.

    It is very important that we stop all forms of immigration and take a good look at our existing population. Never before have our " own " citizens worked in tandem with our terrorist enemies. And yet the sway of Islam has given meaning into the lives of people who to need someone to lead them. And these same, American born youths are led to work against our country.

    You tell me a time when this has ever existed. Tell me of another religion which has managed to turn our youth against us.

    It is a no win situation unless we prevent the Islamists from achieving dominance in our society.

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