The Tragic Death of Laken Riley Should Not Be in Vain


At the recent State of the Union Address by President Joe Biden, President Biden was challenged by Congressman Margorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Georgia to “say her name.”  She meant, of course, the name of Laken Hope Riley, the 22-year-old nursing student allegedly murdered in broad daylight by Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal alien from Venezuela.  Laken was at the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Georgia, and was jogging when she encountered Ibarra, who crushed her skull with a large rock. The police report indicates that her head and face were “disfigured.” 

Ibarra should have never been in the country.  He was initially encountered by US Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas, when he was released because of the Biden Administration’s open border policies.  Ibarra, like millions of others over the last three years, entered the country unlawfully, and, under Biden’s “catch and release” policies, wandered the nation freely, including in Texas, New York, and ultimately Athens, Georgia.  

Ibarra was arrested by the NYPD in September of 2023 for acting “in a manner to injure a child,” a felony, and a motor vehicle infraction.  Did the NYPD detain him and contact the DHS for committing a felony as an illegal alien to be deported? No, New York City, like many “blue” jurisdictions operates under “sanctuary city” policies, in defiance of federal immigration law.  They released him.  New York, under Soros-funded DA and reprobate, Alvin Bragg, does not arrest many individuals, criminal or otherwise, in “no bail” New York, unless named Donald J. Trump. The radical Democrat Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, in a rare moment of candor and common sense, upon hearing of the death of Laken Riley, had an epiphany and reflected aloud before an unbelieving press that perhaps he should rethink his city’s sanctuary policies; perhaps he should have contacted the DHS since such lawful and moral conduct would have prevented the slaughter of the innocent 22-year-old Laken Riley.  Yes, Mayor, the blood drips from many hands.

It should be noted that the concept of “sanctuary city” or “state” is lawless.  It represents the nullification of federal law no different than the behavior of southern states before the civil war.  Such jurisdictions, therefore, should be seen as part of a “neo-confederacy” engaged in actual insurrection (not the phony “insurrection” of J6) and dealt with as such by the federal government.  That will have to wait for Donald Trump to assume the Presidency, but firm action should be taken including defunding the insurrectionists, sanctioning them, and unleashing upon them the Department of Justice and FBI, among other such resolute measures.

During Biden’s SOTU he mispronounced Riley’s name as “Lincoln Riley,” further infuriating Republicans and her family.  But this had little effect on Democrats.  What did exercise them was his reference to the murderer as an “illegal.” Yes, friends, Democrats have far more sympathy for “illegals” than US citizens, even an American with the misfortune of having been slaughtered by one.    

For decades Democrats and the Left have declared war on the term “illegal alien,” preferring instead the more palliative “undocumented Immigrant.” But “illegal alien” is the legally precise and correct term.  Unlawful entry into the country is a crime.  The term is not intended to disparage. It accurately describes an individual who resides in the country in defiance of our immigration laws. “Undocumented” suggests that one merely lacks the proper documents for being here ( a problem of the government) and ignores the crime of unlawful entry and presence in the land.

What is to be done? Build the wall, reinstate “remain in Mexico” and “expedited removal,” and  end “catch and release,” all of which were successful policies from the Trump presidency and recklessly rescinded by the Biden administration. 

We must also revamp our “refugee/asylum” policies to better reflect reality.  Virtually none of those claiming refugee status even remotely merit such a designation. They are not persecuted minorities or refugees escaping war or famine.  Perhaps, one can say, they are escaping poverty or seeking a better life and hence are more aptly described as “economic migrants.” But such a broad definition of a “refugee” would open our doors to countless billions around the world who could readily make the same claim.  

There is also the principle of “first safe nation.” If one is truly escaping persecution or war or famine than one must reside in the first “safe” nation not pick and choose the one with, say, the most generous welfare benefits.  

(Red) States and the federal government can defund or sanction municipalities that ignore immigration law.  They can implement “E-verify” and employer sanctions against businesses that hire illegals in defiance of our laws.  Similarly, unleash the Department of Justice to challenge the myriad NGOs (Catholic Charities, Adventists, Baptist Services, Lutheran World Relief, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Services, and hundreds more) who are rewarded handsomely for taking advantage of the country, promoting illegal immigration, and burdening taxpayers and our stressed public programs.  

Deploy the national guard on our border. Place tariffs on all goods coming from Mexico unless it cooperates in sealing the border. Cut off all benefits for illegals and dependents, including healthcare (other than emergencies), education, and access to our public programs.  

Tax remittances.  End the fraud known as birthright citizenship and family reunification.  No in-state tuition or driver’s licenses.  

And then, finally, mass deportation with emphasis on those who arrived during President Biden’s reign, others who are incarcerated, known criminals (beyond the original crime of entering the country illegally), and all who partake in our overly generous public programs (Medicaid, food stamps, AFDC, rent and heating subsidies, and so on). 

In this way, the tragic and preventable murder of Laken Riley at the hands of a known criminal and illegal alien, and so many other victims like her, will not have been in vain. 














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