The UN, the EU, the Nobel Comittee, and Al Gore, playing in the


There are a number of ways to attack the whole global warming spectacle of conferences, accords, and media coverage, proclamations and platitudes issuing forth from governments, elites, and various international bodies and non-governmental organizations.  

But suffice it to say, it will be with us.  We have a determined core of environmental leftists and others who are determined to ride this as far as they can.  They enjoy the attention, the superiority, the self pride they feel at being attached to so pivotal, as they see it, a cause. 

Many are driven by funding and research grants and obviously global warming is the cause celebre and considered very glamorous, by some.  Ultimately, however, it is the great liberal cause that will give the left the ability to go after their ultimate enemies: capitalism and the US, or at least the US as currently comprised, particularly with a Republican President. 

It gives them access and power to, if they can get away with it, control our lives through moral intimidation and, even more importtantly, through regulations and taxes, resulting finally in severe limits on what you can decide to do on your own: what light bulbs and garbage bags you can use, how to set your themostats, which cars you can buy, where to live, what food to eat, all the while pointing fingers, condemning, looking down contemptuous noses, at you, maintaining an oh so delicious holier than thou, we're saving the planet attitude. 

There is the sandbox for lunatics called the UN with its tiny little states, a voting majority of which pays a fraction of a percentage point of the UN's bill, who see fit to harass and condemn the US who pays 22% of the UN bill.  As former US ambassador to the UN said, it creates an entitlement mentality.  The UN suffers from a number of terminal deficiencies, the most significant of which is the complete absense of a moral compass, which is understandable when one considers that both North Korea and, say, Luxemborg are considered equal in the eyes of the UN, equal members in good standing in the UN family.

It is no longer necessary to go after these people with "science."  There is far more science out there showing that global warming is nothing more than a hoax, of which much has been said already.  But like a plague, they are with us.  Perhaps we will have to wait for a few cold years that will no doubt be coming soon to finally shut them up.  They are so hell bent on doing something, anything that makes them feel useful, even when what they propose will do nothing at all to affect global temperature and climate change yet cost billions if not trillions of dollars.  Money that could be better spent elsewhere.  A true misallocation of resources.  But for liberals, it is always the intentions that matter not the results.

Then there is Al Gore, for whom all the attention as savior of the world is balm for his wounded ego that is still smarting from the election that was "stolen" from him in 2000.  With all the fan fare, the wealth, the adulation, and now the Nobel Peace Prize, he has his revenge over his tormentors, the Clintons, who perhaps he has eclipsed withthis latest charade.

Then there is the Nobel Committee, which gave Al Gore the Peace Prize.  But what peace did he achieve?  Did he bring peace to the Arabs and Israelis?  Get Iran to back off its nuclear ambitions?  Bring North and South Korea together?  He basically made a movie that sold the world on a movement that is itself based on myths and voodoo, making lots of money for himself and distracting the world's attention from far more pressing problems.  There is no peace.  Only a politicized organization with an agenda: to thwart the US and capitalism.  Al Gore stands shoulder to shoulder now with Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat and the Nobel Committee has once again demeaned itself with this phony selection. 

The Left is on the move again.  They have found their cause.  And it is fungible.  All purpose.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Global Warming will ultimately be shown to be a hoax, sooner i think than later.  The Left, activists, and media won't blink an eye.  They'll move on to the next cause.  But in the meantime, hold on to your wallets.





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