Trump Election: The Voters Say No To Obama, Yes to America (longer version)


            The American People rose up to change the direction of the country and put an end to the wrecking ball presidency of our first half black President, Barack Hussein Obama.  They rose up to say No to Obama and his surrogate Hillary Clinton who would have continued his legacy.  Independents and former Democrats said No to the media, campus radicals, and the Democrat Party that insult them as racists, bigots, and homophobes.  They said No to the assault on American values and culture, identity politics, and political correctness.  They said No to the smearing of our police, the burning of our cities, and waves of unassimilated immigrants crossing our borders.   They said No to radical feminism and its assault on family and marriage, to abortion on demand and transgendered bathrooms.  They said No to a Supreme Court packed with Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.  They said No to a social engineered and demoralized military, the appeasement of our enemies, the Obama economy, and the war on fossil fuels. 

            The country was at the precipice.  A 16-year Obama-Hillary continuum would have permanently wrecked the American experiment, ended unalienable rights, liberty, and the Constitutional system.  In its place would have come incremental tyranny, rule by an imperial President and his panels of bureaucrat masterminds who would decide our fates. American style free market capitalism, with its dazzling achievements and innovations, the creation of unprecedented wealth for Americans, would also have grinded down as we pursued the socialist valleys of Europe.  

            With the election of Donald Trump, the nation pulled back from the precipice that it may live once more.  Against the odds, with the full weight of the Sovietized media, the Academy, the millionaire Marxists in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street arrayed against him, Trump, the non PC firebrand who broke all the rules, gave life and meaning to the forgotten man, pulled out an upset victory - and saved the nation.   

            Wave Republican elections have dogged Obama, our first anti-American, affirmative action President, a radical leftist who wanted to fundamentally transform the nation. This election was the third act of a trilogy.  Each of the three acts was a referendum on Obama. The first act occurred in 2010 when the Republicans took the House, the year of Obamacare and the Tea Party.  Then, 2014, when the GOP took the Senate and overwhelming majorities of State Houses and Governors.  In 2016 Republicans held the House and Senate and took the Presidency.  They expanded their dominance at the state level and now have monopoly control of the federal government in Washington.  At every level, the American people have rejected the radical leftism of Obama. 

            And because Obama had a pen and a phone and couldn’t be bothered to pass legislation through Congress, he ruled instead by executive order.  But lacking a statutory basis to so much of his agenda, from open borders amnesty to the Iran Nuclear deal, his legacy can just as easily be undone by the same pen, phone, and executive order of President Donald J. Trump.  The Obama legacy depended on a Hillary victory.  Absent that victory, rather than a legacy, there will be only the ash heap of history. 

            Ironic that a man with so inflated a vision of himself, the Progressive Left avatar that would permanently alter the nation he despised so well, would instead become the invisible man and an insignificant President.  Had he used his powers to bind the racial wounds of the nation, join the citizens as a people, brought harmony and fellowship between the communities, he, the first half white, half black President, the perfect symbol of that unity, could have been a modern day Abraham Lincoln, a peacemaker and uniter.  Instead, ideologic leftist that he was, he could not resist picking at scabs, smearing the nation as “systemically racist,” and promoting racial strife and violence.  We cannot forget him soon enough.   

            Before the election, we thought we already lived in Obama’s America and that victory for the left was inevitable.  We had been deluded by the media into believing the America we loved no longer existed.  Obama’s America was becoming the next great third world nation, a giant Nicaragua with expanding Somali and Afghan outposts.  The hated white majority would shrink into oblivion.  Christianity would also vanish, as would the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Free market capitalism would finally be vanquished, replaced by brilliant central planners who would manage the economy, the nation, and our lives.

            The military would be as transgendered as our bathrooms.  The police would be given “implicit-bias” training and told to stand down. Criminals would be praised and released into our neighborhoods.  Mob rule would be the order of the day.  More cities would burn and more cops would be killed.  The racial tribes would wage war against each other and demand special treatment, everyone now a victim claiming rights.

            Two parent families, binary sexuality and traditional marriage would go the way of the dodo bird, replaced by self identifiers, gender fluidity, and a Baskin-Robbins menu of up to 31 new gender identities.  White privilege, structural racism, the Patriarchy, micro-aggressions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and all manner of hysterical PC fads manufactured by social justice thugs, feminists, and campus radicals would dominate the nation through our Obama colleges, media, and courts.  Free speech was gone, dissent silenced, and reeducation camps awaited those who rebelled.  There would be anti-Christian, heteronormative witch-hunts enforced by the new ideologic commissars.

            The EPA would shutter our coalmines and oil fields.  There would be no more fracking or natural gas.  Only windmills and solar panels and brownouts and blackouts and soaring fuel costs.  We would freeze in the winter and cook in the summer, pay carbon taxes, and work at government subsidized “green jobs.”  Climate change would become public enemy number one, carbon dioxide the destroyer of planets. 

            ISIS would spread throughout the globe.  More Syrian Muslim refugees would enter the country.  There would be more sanctuary cities and states until the entire nation had become one vast sanctuary nation.   Iran would get its nuclear bomb.  China and Russia would be emboldened.  Islam would continue its colonization of the dying Christian West.    

            The Constitution and Bill of Rights, especially religious liberty and the second amendment were over.  Single payer healthcare would replace the failed Obamacare.  There would be more debt and printing of money and hyperinflation.  More unemployment, poverty, and misery.  The hated white race, Americans of European extraction, would be ethnically cleansed to atone for our sins, for Western imperialism and colonialism, for slavery, racism, sexism, and Islamophobia.

            But something else happened.  The pundits, pollsters, and media were wrong.  The victory of Obama’s America died, and the Trump movement prevailed.  The forgotten man and woman, the white working class, and others, the gun owner and churchgoer, the family man, the taxpayer, the little guy abandoned by the Democrat Party, the backbone of the country, rose up.  

            The children of the men and women who defeated the Nazis and the Japanese in World War II, who returned from war to build the greatest nation on earth, their sons and daughters rose up.  Truck drivers, coal miners, homebuilders, mechanics, farmers, and factory workers, the ones who volunteer and fight our wars, rose up.

            Those forgotten men and women, despised as uneducated rubes by the Anointed Ones, the smart set, and chattering classes rose up and said no to Obama and Yes to America.  

            They launched a revolution to halt the counter-revolution of the progressive left, to restore the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They repudiated the Obama legacy of division, hatred, and fundamental transformation of the nation.  They dismissed him as irrelevant.  He was not a God after all, only a mortal. History will see him as a small-minded agitator, an American Castro, a painful blip in the annals of time.

            The voters said Yes to a second American Revolution to restore the Republic.  Donald Trump and his movement saved the nation from a dark fate and gave us a second chance to live and prosper again. 

Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. Find more of his essays and blog posts at  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram







  • John Huether

    November 28, 2016

    Well said, Dr. Moss. Every word of this, and the last two articles are, in my opinion, true.

  • John Huether

    November 28, 2016

    Well said, Dr. Moss. Every word of this, and the last two articles are, in my opinion, true.

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