Why I Am Running For Congress 2024


My name is Richard Moss.  I am a board-certified cancer surgeon, seasoned businessman, and America-First conservative running for Congress. I have been in private practice for 35 years in Jasper, Indiana.  I am married with four children.  I am committed to limited government, defending our Constitution, and preserving Judeo-Christian values.  

I support sealing our southern border, avoiding forever wars, and returning jobs and factories back to the heartland, particularly here in Indiana. This, after 50 years of “America Last,” when we shipped industries, vital supply-chains, and jobs overseas for “cheap labor.”  “Cheap Labor,” it turns out, was not cheap.  

I favor a strong military but not a “woke” military.  I follow President Ronald Reagan’s adage of “peace through strength.”  If we must go to war, it should be a war of necessity not a war of “choice,” with a well-defined mission and purpose.  Victory should be achieved as swiftly as possible.  In our two wars of choice this century, we did not have a clear mission and paid dearly in blood and treasure.  We also damaged our national interests rather than improved them.

I favor a balanced budget and paying down the debt and will work to move the GOP to become the party of fiscal discipline and prudence.  I support cutting spending and eliminating deficits, which result in the “printing” of money, causing inflation and higher interest rates.  This harms consumers and homeowners. 

I support full spectrum energy dominance including coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear. I do not accept the myth of so-called “man-made climate change” or “global warming.” Carbon dioxide (CO2), along with H2O and oxygen (O2), is critical to life, our atmosphere, and all living things.  It is an essential compound.  I will oppose spending one dime of federal money on windmills and solar panels, which are themselves environmentally unsound, costly, and undependable.  They do not generate the inexpensive, reliable energy that our modern economy and large population requires.  

I oppose DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and embrace color blind meritocracy, the key to American progress and greatness – and a fair and just society. 

Election integrity is critical.  Photo ID must be mandatory, with signature verification and proof of citizenship.  I oppose same-day or motor-voter registration, “ballot curing,” “harvesting,” or “drop boxes.”  Illegal aliens should not vote; the right-to-vote belongs to US citizens alone.  We must eliminate unsolicited mail-in ballots and return to paper ballots counted the same day, on “election day.”  

We must reign in our out-of-control federal bureaucracy (the “Swamp”), with emphasis on the DOJ and FBI. We must return power to the states and local communities and away from unelected bureaucrats, and purge the partisans that have infiltrated these institutions and turned them against regular Americans – and President Trump.

I am deeply opposed to the weaponization of the legal system.  It is appalling that corrupt, activist courts in deep-blue jurisdictions are prosecuting President Trump, forcing him to spend precious time and resources in court.  These are “political” prosecutions that seek to bankrupt and incarcerate him, and prevent him from running. This is unprecedented in our nation and reflects the behavior of Third World dictatorships and the former Soviet Union.

The Covid lockdowns, school closures, and mask and vaccine mandates were a disaster. I opposed them then and would oppose them again.  

I support the state of Israel and its right to defend itself and oppose the antisemitic, Nazi-like campus protests, encampments, and riots against Israel, the Jewish people, and the United States.  Those who hate Israel also hate the US.  Their long-term target is not Israel but this nation and the West in general, which they seek to overthrow and enslave.  There is surging antisemitism in our universities, the Democrat Party, the country and the world at large that I would vigorously confront. 

Regarding the student riots, they must be ended immediately, students expelled, visas revoked for foreign students that support Hamas and sent back to their native countries, such as so-called Palestinian students, among others.  The universities that support such attitudes and behavior should also be defunded - and taxed.  I would recommend rescinding loans for students supporting terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.  

 I embrace the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with emphasis on the first and second amendments - but all of them.  Our founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence, are unprecedented in their brilliance and clarity, an inspiring and historic foundation for a newly formed nation - and model for the world. 

I support traditional values, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and hold to the definition of marriage as the union of a man and woman. We must encourage and support strong intact married families as the cornerstone of the civil society and the nation at large. I am pro-life and believe that life begins at conception, a gift from God and God alone, and that the unborn must be protected.

I have been endorsed by Congressman Bob Good, of Virginia, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus in Congress, Indiana State Representative Betty Cash, and the Bull Moose Project, an organization devoted to America Firstprinciples. 

I am running for Congress because of my profound concern over the direction of our country as a result of the destructive policies of President Biden and the radical Democrats: in particular, the invasion of our southern border, the massive government deficits and ensuing inflation, the release of criminals onto our streets, the assault on fossil fuels, and the appeasement of our worst enemies globally that have resulted in wars around the world.

The primary is May 7. Early voting is taking place as we speak.  A vote for me in the primary and subsequent election victory in November will send a strong conservative Hoosier voice representing Southwestern Indiana, the eighth district, to our nation’s capital.  I humbly ask for your vote.



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